Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hearts Guardian

There is a creature of malice burried deep within my chest clinging to my heart and day by day it's claws pierce further and further denining my life...there is a truth that must be said...must be Yelled to the skys...Crys of a mad woman full of hate and hurt from the wrongs of longer will it be be confinded, no longer will others cruel doings be excused and blamed upon that of the acceptance of an abused spouse...hiding from fear that others will see or judge...the creatures wings spreading, as the air is collected to vomit the disease of hypocritcy, stupidity, and far worse your desire to be pittied. You Know not who you are OR What you've done. Which is sadder yet! Keep smoking the vision dust, keep screaming your falsehoods. The creature will rejoice in your demise. Till that day my heart has it's chosen gaurdian...

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