Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why i'm me

someone recently asked me ...______ why do you wear your makeup and hair in such extreme fashions, why not be like everyone? first thought what and be like everyone else another android marching to the same drum of death marching to Medusa's cold, hard, stare of death...shit why not go out in the bitch she ain't all that and i've come to take her place...Second ppl just can't pull off what i do, they don't have the confidence...the i just don't give a damn attitude...nor the fun of making ppl stare in awe that some just know what they are doing...or the best i just don't wanna be fucked with and i'm letting you know ahead of time so don't waste my nor your time with mess...third there are alternatives to beauty weather dark and deadly or fake double dd, over-bleached, tracks, painted on none character flaws the make us unique and special. so after lots of thought and really having a loo of a day i ask you why fit in, why be like everyone else, nothing to tell you apart, nothing for ppl to remember you by. Besides this is me and it'll never change approve or move...

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