Friday, June 24, 2011

There's a Beginning to Everything

I've been knitting and crocheting going on four years. My grandma had me to start by crocheting chains and left it at that. So doing, that of any preteen I made chains belts, chain necklaces, chains to go over the mirrors, bracelets, etc. you get the picture, everything was a rainbow of chains. High school there was a knitting club which I longed to do, saddly never was able to make it to the lunch meetings due to drama rehearsals and whatnot. But finally when i was pregnant with my oldest I decided to buy the supplies, and teach myself how to knit and crochet. I wanted to give something of myself to him, something no one else could, something to let him know how much I loved him. Now the teaching part, hahaha no problem got it in no time. Being left handed was the struggle, all the books said do the pattern backwards, (backwards how? This imagination can think of 20 different way to do it backwards) then the terms were different, you've got your English buggers that write it down as one thing when they mean another, you've got patterns that no matter what you do, never turn out, and it's not till later you research  finding the damn pattern is wrong. Oh back to the being left handed, decided it was easier to do it right handed plus i'm a thrower so i'm slow as hell. Eventually . I'll need to switch to picking i'd be able to get more work done, now that i have three boys to chase after. After three years I'm finally comfortable to make my own patterns, simply craft away. So far I've accomplished an assortment of blankets, scarfs, rasta tams, wine cozy's and creepy cute crochet, which I just love. Every day is an adventure, full of new projects to finish, yarn to ogle, and fantasize about!

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