Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fighting the inevitable (a short story) work in progress

This last few months have been a rough slope that no matter what happens, can't quite get our  feet on solid ground. You spend your entire childhood dreaming of an amazing career, family, and the amazing things you'll have. But of course once you've grown up, done everything in the absolute wrong order, life just never seems to be what you imagined it to be. Our kids are our most prized possession, they mean the world to us, or at least to the majority. They mend broken hearts, later to brake them once we are no longer needed. When they are little we can do no wrong, giving them our love. No mater weather us to be on top of the world or so ashamedly poor, for the love we give is all that matters. In today's society a career is hard to come by, and jobs harder yet to come by, when in an instant, it's no longer there and from the bottom you must start again. Marriage is no longer asked in glory and is it no wonder why? Couples always fighting, money, jobs, food, and shelter. How can you not fight when there is no help to be had? How can you not fight when no one gives you a fighting chance? How is it so much easier for some ethnicity's to get help on the spot while others penny clinch their life's savings just to make it through another month of bills, and hope for something better. FINALLY come closer yet to the end just to make it day by day, conserving what little they have for their loved ones to eat while they themselves go hungry. Is it any wonder Gas prices are so high, that we choose to pay for gas for that hope of a job somewhere far across the world, that hope that...this is the one...that hope everything will not be lost after all. Families will not be torn apart. Hearts broken. Children lost in the dark and forgotten. The last thing anyone can loose is HOPE...THERE's always tomorrow. Yet in this darkness there's a war which has continued since the beginning and so too the prophecy  that one will bring an end to the suffering .

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