Thursday, September 22, 2011

knitting for sister

My sister recently gave me several bags of wonderful yarn. Even though having ran out of room for my growing stash, I accepted the collection to continue hoarding. Stuffing it in the closet so my husband wouldn't see the full extent of the given yarn. At this point I have so much white yarn that I'm at a lost with what to do. White isn't my particularly favorite, it gets dirty fast, and the oil from my hands stains the beautiful work being done. But needless to say I'm a knitter and no yarn will be an outcast to my stash. It's been a few months since really having sat down, and had the yarn speak to me. Yes I know that sounds crazy. Piawacket how can yarn an inanimate object speak to you? Well if you sit long enough ogling and salivating long enough at the colors and all the possible designs, the color combinations being indefinite they speak, some more loudly than others of course. You've got your regal purple demanding respect and the voluptuous reds begging for curves to make bold statements. There are your quieter colors blending with earths seasons and romantic beauty, and our soft artistic clay colors that tend to be a little shyer but complimenting. It wasn't untill my sister who loves throws asked for me to make her a throw. SO the trouble began, yes I know anything I make she'll be more than happy with. But she's my sister, going through a rough patch at the moment like I did the first time away from home, spreading wings and learning the ins and outs of the wonders and the downfalls of "relationships". So wanting to make something more meaningful for her, something to inspire and to let her know no matter what I'm here, supporting, loving no matter what path she decides to take, hopefully to happiness and that mystical happy ending that so few these days achieve. Like all the inspiration and support she gives me. After a long exhausting search through my books of patterns, all being very beautiful and all but just not right for her. Then decided to turn to the internet to look for rabbit patterns also being her other love so decided to combine the two together. After hour after hour searching for patterns which of course a lot of the are not without a price. I finally found the perfect adorable friend to knit for my wonderful sister. Now the casting on begins!

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