Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sebastian's Birthday Adventure

For my oldest Sebastian's fourth birthday, we decided it'd be a nice treat for the boys if we went to Woolly Hollow State Park. Get a little sun and swim in the lake as well as just having a nice day out with the grandparents, and of course the playground. For a little boy that has every toy imaginable why not make memories to last a life time instead. The drive it's self was a nice peaceful one full of questions "Where we going, mom?" "Grandpa where we going, we going crazy?" so full of excitement, and curiosity  "Are we there yet?" Once we finally arrived the boys got to play on the playground for an hour or two then went for a small trail of adventure. Had lunch at TACO BELL, his favorite and finally got to go for a swim. pitched up the Winnie the Pooh tent and in the lake we went. My youngest Declan just shy of a year at this point was mommy's little clung-on passenger, having a blast just splashing mommy nonstop. Fox my two year old took a little while to get his bearings and wasn't so sure about the sandy bottom and keep tipping over like a bobber in the water staying close to land. No Sebastian my fearless warrior went looking for mermaids and everything at the bottom of the lake till in time he realized little boys gulping water wasn't such a great thing. All Afternoon they played splashing their aunt and of course Grandpa. Each having a blast and "one more time before we go please mom?" What a quite drive home with three content little boys dreaming a little dream, but a memory that will last forever. Happy Birthday Sebastian!

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