Friday, October 14, 2011

The bunny trail is hopping along

  Since I last posted I've conquered many a stitches on my sister's throw...which I'll admit I haven't been working on as much as I should or would like. There was the two days it took me to restart my dreads, then there was the all consuming need to yet again redecorate the house. My need for change is important to my survival I kid you not.  Finally took a deep breath and got rid of some furniture that we outgrew. My little monsters have also demanded much of my attention as of late. My youngest Declan shyly getting around to walking, with his beloved walking toy, and his frustration at carpets. Fox is being potty trained so every hour on the hour needles go down and a trip to the loo we go. Sebastian has been getting his own time with mom time to learn with ABC's, numbers, reading books together and being able to have time for him while the younger two nap. Then winding down with the husband when he is home from work let alone household chore and devouring food.
               the pattern is form

 So as you can see not to much time for my needle to make any headway. After having to frog my sister's throw four times I've finally mastered the Intarsia knitting as well as planning the layout for my sister's throw. Originally the pattern I had found was intended as a baby blanket and of course that simply was not going to do. So after brain storming then deciding to double up on the pattern. Reversing the rabbits on both sides to keep to the simplicity of the original pattern. To add a little length figured it best to do some color work  doing stripes of the rabbits colors. Luckily even as busy as this mom of three tends to be, I've successfully made it close to the half way point. Now the wonderful fun reverse and continue stitching.

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