Thursday, October 13, 2011


Okay for those of you that don't know I love dreads. Always have it started with a book that my best friend let me barrow, Forgive me it has been a while, but I believe it was Minon by L. A. Banks the Vampire Huntress Legend. The lead character Damali and her shoulder length locks. Never having really seen locks before, I goggled and being Caucasian and roughly 8 years ago there wasn't a lot of information nor pictures so whats a girl to do. Of course being under 18 and in my mothers house there was no way she was letting her daughter sport locks. It wasn't until I was showing the hubby pictures and telling how I would just die not having them. How sexy they are and awing over the computer screen for endless hours. He started to do research on the history and  to his surprise the cleanness of them so inspiring him to want dreads. After having My first son I had cut my hair short and it had proven impossible to grow. What with crazy scissor hands ( yes I mean me the inspired stylist) always chopping at my hair creating works of art. Finally, Finally while attending beauty school there was a distraction for those crazy hands to chop away at others and leave my own hair to grow. Don't get me wrong I had two slip ups that I regretted later. But finally it was the perfect lengths for my baby dreads. I started with my husbands first (my Guinea Pig). Me being too much of a perfectionist to walk around with anything other than perfection. After the many hours putting his and then mine in. Oh the splendor, not having to fix my winter coat of a thing called hair> I have thick wavy hair which ladies as you know the time it takes to fix and maintain the wild hair. There is no wet and go without later being a ig frizz ball or as my dreaded nickname IT. With my dreads it was exactly that no chemicals, no need to blow dry, I could still dye to my hearts content new color every time I needed a change or the mood s some would say. The many different ways my dreads could be styled. Now all things come to an end, yes sad to say, but never the less very true. I took my dreads out, Husband old me not to, but I did it anyways, proving to yet again be pig headed. Everyday after the regret piled and piled, No matter the time knitting the dreads were gone, my sexy lioness dreads were gone. My uniqueness was gone. October 5th Enough was enough and they are back in and here to stay, my dreads how I love thee.                                                                                                           
 two years ago, two months baby dreads
 after I added extensions to my locks
 6 months
 8 months right before taking my locks out
October 5th after roughly 6 hours and 83 locks later

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