Friday, October 14, 2011

Knit On The Brain

Lately okay lie, ever since I started knitting there's been this idea conspiring in the back of my mind. What if I were to use my hobby to create an income? there's a thought. I'll repeat I've thought of it before, continuously to be quite honest. Since I love to knit/crochet so much it'd be a splendid idea, Sure at first it won't pay bills but it'd be a start. Brainstorming I've thought about starting with simple items such as scarves, hats, gloves, throws, and blankets nothing fancy and then see if small shops will allow me to sell them. Yes I've heard of etsy and ebay but starting out seems to much of a hassle to make and ship and god knows what could happen. Myself not knowing but three others, friends/family that are aware the knitting and crocheting world. The prices on etsy are kinda high, well worth it of course. But I myself look at the simply done stitches and think wow $200 for a throw that's stockinette, wow in one color are you crazy...yet ppl buy so maybe not. Having asked around to groups many say they charge double for yarn plus double for labor, again makes perfect since. Yet if you make a hat that is one color and of course doesn't take up the entire skein, what then should you charge for the same hat yet with two colors. Being a mother to young children not yet school age time is limited so there's little time for a high demand of project to be manufactured to perfection by hand. Mostly I crochet for the thrill of it and give gifts for friends and family for special occasions...which have so far been at the latest two months after the fact. Whats a girl to do...Lots to think about...maybe a group could get more done and more items could therefore be sold?My husband being a gamer has listened to podcasts of games and has told me they make decent amounts of money, some also do vlogs/blogs. They can even get paid through advertisement on their blogs per however many viewers. Lots, lots of mind boggling thoughts, Have you any Ideas?

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