Thursday, November 17, 2011

upcoming holidays

It's been a while since I last posted. During that time a lot happened and then again not a lot happened. To begin with I finally finished my sisters blanket about a week ago now it's waiting in a corner to be given to her. The kids and I ping-ponged being sick for the last week or so. So you can imagine the fun that's been. My Wonderful husband and I celebrated our Birthdays and our anniversary, with a joint gift of the PX90. Whew Tony Knows how to work you that's for sure. The original idea of course is to get in better shape, be more active as well as having someone else to work out with, and to have something to do together. So far week one of  Tony's workout has been completed now to keep motivated and keep with the rest of the 90 days. For a little something special for the husband's birthday we decided to play (WOW) again. After a tough day at work or the busy schedule of a stay at home mom of three it's nice to log on kill a few mobs, defeat a boss and reap experience, booty, and better gear. Finally decided to start a page for my hobby to see where it might lead me with knitting/crochet. A bit slow at the moment but eventually with a little hope it might become a dream come true. With the holidays coming up got a list of family and friends to create wonderful holiday gifts for. My mom has requested a seat cover for a window seat that the cat tends to like. For a special young lady who is a huge twilight fan I'm hoping to make a scarf. In search of patterns I recently found an amazing blog, with an arraying of astonishing patterns I am hoping to try each available pattern for the rest of my gifts. Eventually hoping to end this holiday season with making the kiddos and myself a little something special. Maybe Even that picky husband as well.

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