Monday, November 21, 2011

Things don't always go as planned

As the title plainly states, things don't always go as planned. After waking up this morning, I thought to myself, "right self today were going to get things done. No more being lazy, no more will things just keep piling up." Made myself a list of what I was hoping to get accomplished and not even half got accomplished, Yet again. Soon after waking up I figured would  be the best time to accomplish the boys room, since they were all occupied in their toy room. First things first my mom got the youngest a mattress for the crib that has been in the closet for the last two years so thought right surely I can get it out and put it together...yeah not to be. What was sure to be a simple task was no simple task there for some reason beyond me were 5 short screws and 3 long screws. The long ones were very difficult to put in and the short ones didn't keep the crib together and to no avail did the crib get put to together. My oldest being all muscle and helping to hold the sides together for the better part of an hour finally said" Mom lets ask for grandpa's help there just something that's just not working here." Of course my stubbornness would've have keep me going. But there were others things needing to be done plus there was no way spending it on a crib was going to work without me or the crib getting hurt. So on to list number two. Finishing the boys room which had it's difficulties that all three kids were curious to find out what mom was doing. After lunch for the boys and putting the younger two down for a nap Me and the eldest set forth to right the toy room. Which all three are really good at picking up after they've played, as well as the bedroom,  but toys tend to find new homes and end up lost in other realms. So straightening up once or twice  month is very much needed especially when no one can find spider-man or cars have all gone to mars instead of the bucket. Didn't take too long, with the little that was left went to clean the good ole dreads. Just to find an empty box of baking soda, so after a time pondering to wait another day or use bar soap, or dare the shampoo. Well bar soap it was rather them be clean when having to go out and about later that afternoon. Sebastian proudly showed off his clean toy room then brought me a surprise. "Mom I was worried about you, you forgot to eat lunch, I made you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, all by myself." after all the planned disasters for the day. The swift kick in the butt each of them gave me. What a splendid unplanned treat. To sit and spend time with my kiddo eating the best peanut butter sandwich I've ever had.

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