Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Knitting up some fun

For the Entire month of Dcember I've been crocheting up little snowmen with hats and scarves. They were a fast and easy project to do for family this Chrismats something that can go on the tree and nothing that took too much time or having done more for one person than another. After having spent the last few day putting the decorations back into there boxes and away in the closet for next year. So too have the snowmen been put down untill next year comes around. Hopefully having learned this year, after having caught a cold and unexpected travels to realtives homes I'll start my Christmas projects in July just to be safe and make sure there is no more added stress. Finally I get to do some fun knitting I was asked to do a funky hat for a cousin of mine thats a year older than my oldest. Originally I was to charge my normal fee, but in spite of the Holidays desided to make it another present. It's not too often I get to craft for little girls having three boys of my own. Plus lately the whole wanting to be an Aun thing has really been on my mind. Got a few fun things I have plans for the near future, murlocs for the husband a few creep cute crochet dolls for the kids and a few projects for me for a change.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa Baby

It's dark out and after spending the day cleaning up after three days of celebrating Christmas it's nice to finally get back to schedule. The kids had a blast and it was amazing how things turned out. Husband got his weight bench and pull up bar that he has been wanting since starting the p90x program. We also received floor mats which I couldn't tell you how greatly appreciated they are, considering we have hardwood floors. The kids got a few small toys which was a relief. This year they mostly received educational, board and card games, each of the boys got their own spiderman bedding set. A new set of books to read with mom each nght. Santa was amazing as usual for me this year and got a new computer. My previous one was a ace notebook which allowed me to do the basics, but a strain on the eyes and the after math headache was begining to become too much when gaming was concerned. It was such an eye opener to finally see other players names and to actually see the characters surroundings. Luckily Santa was also thinking of mom and her troubles of dresser madness. A few weeks ago I posted on my facebook wall two sets of double pointed needles I've desperately needed. Both pairs are bamboo and have sizes 1-13 which works wonders on my Arthritic hands. Finally I can finish projects with the right sized needle instead of my makeshift two sizes that walmart has available. My dear mother got some books online from one of my favorite designers Erica Knight not the ones I had hoped for but with Erica there is no pattern that doesn't fascinate me. Then theres this quilted blanket pillow set that reminds me of The Proposal with Sandra Bullock, the baby making blanket and with three kids already, I simply could not stop laughing. I'm glad this Christmas turned out to be a happy ending the boys got to spend time with all their grandparents, Aunt Amy, and had blast. Seeing their faces light up, was to finish finding new homes for the aquired goods, and for a very happy knitter to break in some double pointed needles!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dreads Close to three months

This time around I've been very pleased with my dreading experience. It's only almost three months in but the difference is amazing. This time my hair is longer so it is  probably the majority of why this time my dreads are becoming locked a lot better and faster. Last time there was so much maintenance that it was more of a chore than enjoyment so much palm rolling, and crocheting. I was more in high hopes of doing what ever i could just to speed the process along. Worried about the size of the dreads, Why mine were so small compared to everyone's I'd seen on Youtube? The biggest differences I'd have to say are first my starting method. When the hubby and I started our last time we did the whole backcomb rubber band method. It took so much time and was a pain in the butt. Sitting with a stiff neck and rubber bands everywhere. this time I still did the backcombing and crocheting but no rubber bands and just let them be. When I've gotten done washing them and letting them set in a towel on for a good 15-20 minutes I'll palm roll them and separate any that have knotted together and that's it. No every other day crocheting them, no palm rolling till my hands cramp and are raw. Juts letting them go natural My hair is fuller and the individual can e seen with no scalp showing. Not sure if it's from me sleeping on my sides vs. my back, but my sides are well matted and the back is a lot looser. But hopefully with time they will catch up. Looking really forward to my three months...At 6 months I'll be giving away a slouchy hat to one lucky follower who joins my page As of right now with the Christmas season close to an end.

Here's my big Announcement
I've got Baby fever, so starting tomorrow everyone that likes my page till the end of December will have a chance to receive a cocoon and hat set for baby, 5 will receive a snowman ornament and depending on how well my page does other items will be up for grabs. So share with your friends and congratulations on your precious little angels!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

At A Stand Still

As I previously stated I've started a page with high hopes of selling my hobby. Which has taken a lot of my time as of late. Keeping in touch with possible viewers, making product to sell and pretty much waiting, with a tad bit more waiting. Originally I had hoped that I'd be able to take my hobby and make a small profit all while enjoying crafting for others. I've followed a couple of pages here and there just to see the progress and of course their beautiful work and mostly for my motivation. At a stand still all I can do now is to continue to hope and to stitch till my hearts content. My dreads are just a few days away from two months, So my excitement is drawing closer then tree months here I come. Every time I head out I keep forgetting to pick up some Baking soda for my rinse. So sadly it's been bar soap for my locks which has loosened them a tad bit but not enough to cause any harm. Just proves as a further reminder to hopefully pick it up the next time i'm out and about. Lately my husbands hours of work has changed so naturally, more time with the boys and mostly myself . Gotten a lot of not your usual cleaning done and a few series lined up to watch as I sit and stitch. Had a fair share of trouble with the two elder boys this last two weeks, listening wise and tidying up after they have played. Sadly the boys have acquired so many toys and clothes through the last few years that it's become a major problem. So one attempt is to reach out to family and friends not to buy anymore toys for the upcoming holidays nor clothes. Yet I can bet it goes ignored and won't happened as to my request At yet again more toys to have to find homes for. Urgh not looking forward to that part of the holidays. One toy breaks and oh well theres another to take it's place just doesn't work for me, rather them start learning to pride in their processions.  So mommy gets to play a little hard ball.

 slouchy hat

 Owl hat that my son requested