Friday, December 2, 2011

At A Stand Still

As I previously stated I've started a page with high hopes of selling my hobby. Which has taken a lot of my time as of late. Keeping in touch with possible viewers, making product to sell and pretty much waiting, with a tad bit more waiting. Originally I had hoped that I'd be able to take my hobby and make a small profit all while enjoying crafting for others. I've followed a couple of pages here and there just to see the progress and of course their beautiful work and mostly for my motivation. At a stand still all I can do now is to continue to hope and to stitch till my hearts content. My dreads are just a few days away from two months, So my excitement is drawing closer then tree months here I come. Every time I head out I keep forgetting to pick up some Baking soda for my rinse. So sadly it's been bar soap for my locks which has loosened them a tad bit but not enough to cause any harm. Just proves as a further reminder to hopefully pick it up the next time i'm out and about. Lately my husbands hours of work has changed so naturally, more time with the boys and mostly myself . Gotten a lot of not your usual cleaning done and a few series lined up to watch as I sit and stitch. Had a fair share of trouble with the two elder boys this last two weeks, listening wise and tidying up after they have played. Sadly the boys have acquired so many toys and clothes through the last few years that it's become a major problem. So one attempt is to reach out to family and friends not to buy anymore toys for the upcoming holidays nor clothes. Yet I can bet it goes ignored and won't happened as to my request At yet again more toys to have to find homes for. Urgh not looking forward to that part of the holidays. One toy breaks and oh well theres another to take it's place just doesn't work for me, rather them start learning to pride in their processions.  So mommy gets to play a little hard ball.

 slouchy hat

 Owl hat that my son requested

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