Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Knitting up some fun

For the Entire month of Dcember I've been crocheting up little snowmen with hats and scarves. They were a fast and easy project to do for family this Chrismats something that can go on the tree and nothing that took too much time or having done more for one person than another. After having spent the last few day putting the decorations back into there boxes and away in the closet for next year. So too have the snowmen been put down untill next year comes around. Hopefully having learned this year, after having caught a cold and unexpected travels to realtives homes I'll start my Christmas projects in July just to be safe and make sure there is no more added stress. Finally I get to do some fun knitting I was asked to do a funky hat for a cousin of mine thats a year older than my oldest. Originally I was to charge my normal fee, but in spite of the Holidays desided to make it another present. It's not too often I get to craft for little girls having three boys of my own. Plus lately the whole wanting to be an Aun thing has really been on my mind. Got a few fun things I have plans for the near future, murlocs for the husband a few creep cute crochet dolls for the kids and a few projects for me for a change.

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