Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa Baby

It's dark out and after spending the day cleaning up after three days of celebrating Christmas it's nice to finally get back to schedule. The kids had a blast and it was amazing how things turned out. Husband got his weight bench and pull up bar that he has been wanting since starting the p90x program. We also received floor mats which I couldn't tell you how greatly appreciated they are, considering we have hardwood floors. The kids got a few small toys which was a relief. This year they mostly received educational, board and card games, each of the boys got their own spiderman bedding set. A new set of books to read with mom each nght. Santa was amazing as usual for me this year and got a new computer. My previous one was a ace notebook which allowed me to do the basics, but a strain on the eyes and the after math headache was begining to become too much when gaming was concerned. It was such an eye opener to finally see other players names and to actually see the characters surroundings. Luckily Santa was also thinking of mom and her troubles of dresser madness. A few weeks ago I posted on my facebook wall two sets of double pointed needles I've desperately needed. Both pairs are bamboo and have sizes 1-13 which works wonders on my Arthritic hands. Finally I can finish projects with the right sized needle instead of my makeshift two sizes that walmart has available. My dear mother got some books online from one of my favorite designers Erica Knight not the ones I had hoped for but with Erica there is no pattern that doesn't fascinate me. Then theres this quilted blanket pillow set that reminds me of The Proposal with Sandra Bullock, the baby making blanket and with three kids already, I simply could not stop laughing. I'm glad this Christmas turned out to be a happy ending the boys got to spend time with all their grandparents, Aunt Amy, and had blast. Seeing their faces light up, was to finish finding new homes for the aquired goods, and for a very happy knitter to break in some double pointed needles!

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