Friday, January 27, 2012

Four Days and Counting

Only four more days and it's time to move our small villiage. We found out last week we were approved for the house. Luckily every diaper, pull-up, or any other box that has came into our home within the last year or so will be put to good use. With three boys it's hard to pack, while they unpack. So I'm very happy to say I'm a lot farther than what I'd thought to be at this point. The boys toy room is nicely packed up, as well as our room and bathroom. Thinking about leaving the majority of the kitchen and living room as is untill the night of the move. The husband belives we'll be able to move everything in one day, well we shall see. The kids are excited too, our oldest has already made plans for where everyones bedroom shall be, where his toys will go and where the christmas tree will go next year. The younger two just give mom sad looks as their favorite toys, and animals are all packed away. I myself feel rather relieved to be moving, although since the husband is away at work leaves the packing and unpacking to me. Realy looking forward to a little more peace and quiet and mostly space from the neighbors. There's a nice little community pool, playground, and tenis court right down the street that will be a nice walk for the boys to burn some energy. I have hopes of starting my own knitting/crochet group, as well as a mom's group. I've completed a few orders for my facebook page that saddly will have to wait to get shipped after everything is unpacked and settled. Finished the order for the packer slippers, which i'm very happy at the end result, saddly the husband new best. At the half way point with a prize for a follwer of my page. The Cacoon is splendid, realy love how the black and red work together and it's not your everyday design for baby. Still have to finish the hat which might be finished with in the next day or two. Depends on how much spare time I have while everyone is in bed. My mother requested a few small hearts for a decorative cat that she hangs holiday crafts from. Figured while I'm at it might as well see about making a few more and put them on my page. Sebastian was looking through my stash of yarn the other day with hopes of finding the perfect color for slippers for him and his brothers. One of my husbands sister's is suppose to be back in the the states fairly soon and we are all looking forward to the visit. All in all it's been a lovely turn of evets for this small village, yet more to look forward to!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Big plans

It's been a plan of ours to move into a bigger house for the last year or so. The boys are getting bigger, Calypso a horse for a dog(Great Dane), and her no-legged companion Fitch (Bassett Hound/Charpee). Something with a fenced in yard so the boys could be boys and play outside, and the dogs can run around with freedom, as long as you don't mind the horse sticking her head over the fence to stare at you that is. Well originally we had thought to wait until after taxes and then start looking. But within the last week the husband and I have been going out  to look at the available houses. Nothing outragously priced, yet with room to move around. Mostly been looking at 3+ bedrooms. Found one that was lovely close to the end of the street, nice sized bedrooms/ living room but had a walk-in closet for a kitchen and a small back yard. Luckily we decided to wait then to rush and found a Wonderfully sized home for a growing family. It was listed as a 4 bedroom 2 bath, which with the boys all still beng young they'd more than likely still share a room and have a toy room, unless we decide that Sebastian starting school should have his own room. From the start the house was twice the size of our home now, with a spacious backyard that would perfectly suite our needs. the garage had been converted into the fourth bedroom, but we decided to make it the living room it being the size of a two car garage and all. Finally we'd be able to host Holiday affairs and have room for everyone and not feel like crowded sardines. there's another nice room that could be a bedroom/office...My plans involve my yarn wicked I now a room for all of my yarn ...haha hubby jokes all the time. Today we'll see about filling out the papers and see where it goes from there. So Fingers crossed, another good day please, with approved on top!!! Nerves and excitment have me wide awake, so much to plan for!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dreads, slippers, and wow

It's a week late but my dreads have finally reached the three month mark. Decided to take the yarn dread sleeves off and let my locks do their own thing for maybe a month or so, and just take it from there. Been pretty busy as of late, I've gotten a lot going on the needles. Finished the snowmen and glad to be on a new project. My contest for my facebook page was a success went from 10 followers to 36 in about three weeks so very pleased. Hoping to continue to gain more followers as well as some posible clients. Within the next week I have plans of casting on a black and red Owl cacoon and hat for one of my lucky winners. Started on a pair of practice slippers. Which was a little bit tricky finding a simple pattern for a first pair. My Grandmother has requested green and Yellow slippers for Packer Fans. So luckily my husband being the size 10 mens foot was my Ginea Pig.  The pattern I found was Originally  for a womens size nine so I went through and after seeing the shapings went ahead wrote my own pattern. I made it a little bigger so that thick socks can be worn as well as for a little stretch could be acceived for varrying foot size. After lots of thought and screaming ripping back of stittch I decided  to crochet so the inner wrong side wouldn't have the strings where little toes could snag and pull. Saw a few videos and patterns for carrying along while you knit but just seemed to time consuming. Hoping tomorrow to go ahead and start with the real thing green and gold! With in the last few days  a friend of ours has returned to the states and in an attempt me and the husband have been playing wow. The original play was to reach 85 and to be geared on our druids. Well hasn't worked out as well as planned but it's still a go. We're just hit 72 yesterday, My druid is primaraly spec as a feral cat. Now those of you that play my now tnks and healers a far and few aso I respec my secondary balance to feral bear to tank. With hubby healing  and me tanking there's no worries for a tank not keeping aggro and having to kitty tank. In all truth I had planned on tanking later on but wanted to try the feral dps. I much rather have a melee charachter, Rather be up front and in control and set the pace. Once our druids have reached cap it'll be back to our pally duo tank/healer, or might try with the death night/ priest.