Thursday, January 19, 2012

Big plans

It's been a plan of ours to move into a bigger house for the last year or so. The boys are getting bigger, Calypso a horse for a dog(Great Dane), and her no-legged companion Fitch (Bassett Hound/Charpee). Something with a fenced in yard so the boys could be boys and play outside, and the dogs can run around with freedom, as long as you don't mind the horse sticking her head over the fence to stare at you that is. Well originally we had thought to wait until after taxes and then start looking. But within the last week the husband and I have been going out  to look at the available houses. Nothing outragously priced, yet with room to move around. Mostly been looking at 3+ bedrooms. Found one that was lovely close to the end of the street, nice sized bedrooms/ living room but had a walk-in closet for a kitchen and a small back yard. Luckily we decided to wait then to rush and found a Wonderfully sized home for a growing family. It was listed as a 4 bedroom 2 bath, which with the boys all still beng young they'd more than likely still share a room and have a toy room, unless we decide that Sebastian starting school should have his own room. From the start the house was twice the size of our home now, with a spacious backyard that would perfectly suite our needs. the garage had been converted into the fourth bedroom, but we decided to make it the living room it being the size of a two car garage and all. Finally we'd be able to host Holiday affairs and have room for everyone and not feel like crowded sardines. there's another nice room that could be a bedroom/office...My plans involve my yarn wicked I now a room for all of my yarn ...haha hubby jokes all the time. Today we'll see about filling out the papers and see where it goes from there. So Fingers crossed, another good day please, with approved on top!!! Nerves and excitment have me wide awake, so much to plan for!!!

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