Friday, January 27, 2012

Four Days and Counting

Only four more days and it's time to move our small villiage. We found out last week we were approved for the house. Luckily every diaper, pull-up, or any other box that has came into our home within the last year or so will be put to good use. With three boys it's hard to pack, while they unpack. So I'm very happy to say I'm a lot farther than what I'd thought to be at this point. The boys toy room is nicely packed up, as well as our room and bathroom. Thinking about leaving the majority of the kitchen and living room as is untill the night of the move. The husband belives we'll be able to move everything in one day, well we shall see. The kids are excited too, our oldest has already made plans for where everyones bedroom shall be, where his toys will go and where the christmas tree will go next year. The younger two just give mom sad looks as their favorite toys, and animals are all packed away. I myself feel rather relieved to be moving, although since the husband is away at work leaves the packing and unpacking to me. Realy looking forward to a little more peace and quiet and mostly space from the neighbors. There's a nice little community pool, playground, and tenis court right down the street that will be a nice walk for the boys to burn some energy. I have hopes of starting my own knitting/crochet group, as well as a mom's group. I've completed a few orders for my facebook page that saddly will have to wait to get shipped after everything is unpacked and settled. Finished the order for the packer slippers, which i'm very happy at the end result, saddly the husband new best. At the half way point with a prize for a follwer of my page. The Cacoon is splendid, realy love how the black and red work together and it's not your everyday design for baby. Still have to finish the hat which might be finished with in the next day or two. Depends on how much spare time I have while everyone is in bed. My mother requested a few small hearts for a decorative cat that she hangs holiday crafts from. Figured while I'm at it might as well see about making a few more and put them on my page. Sebastian was looking through my stash of yarn the other day with hopes of finding the perfect color for slippers for him and his brothers. One of my husbands sister's is suppose to be back in the the states fairly soon and we are all looking forward to the visit. All in all it's been a lovely turn of evets for this small village, yet more to look forward to!

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