Thursday, February 16, 2012

Loneliness takes its toll

Besides getting our new home in order, this perfectionist, hasn't had a lot of social interaction. Now Normally I'd say I'm not much of a people person. In fact I'm one of those people that tend to run away from any type of contact when it comes to socializing. I keep my head down and run in and out of a store just to get back to my confort zone of my own home. I've just never been good at the whole game of interacting with other people. Never know what to say or how to respond to statements made. So I park it in the corner and watch as everyone else gets along. Sadly within the last week I've started to miss interacting. Having my kids around is wonderful but they aren't exactly adult conversationalists. With my husband away at work it makes for a very lonely day. Once the boys go down for their nap, there's two to three hours of what to do? Then back to being mom, finshing off the afternoon, husband comes home with enough time to eat, share his day and then it's bed. So again begins the ritual of what to do? Generally knitting/crocheting fills my void as I sit watching a few shows here and there. It relaxes me and frees my mind from the stressful day of mom. But as of late my knitting/crochet has sat in place waiting to be picked up waiting to be finished. I really want to but find that I'm inable to gather myself up to enjoy the wonderful tasks of creating beautiful pieces. Reading the many books that stare at me day in and day out waiting to reveal whole worlds of thought and adventure again to no availe, as with playing WOW!!! I'd like to but lack the need to enjoy the task at hand. Might I be burnt out of almost finishing getting our home put back together, lack my muse, or is there just too much I'd like to do and just not enough of me to do everything my heart desires. No I realized today after a brief visit from my parents, I need someone to converse with. Someone I can share my desires with. What is better than sitting and knitting than to sit and knit with a fellow person who too shares the addiction of yarn. Or someone to play games with or just to talk to so your not talking to the walls just to hear another's voice. My serenity has taken it's toll. In spite of my lonely nature I've thought of starting a knitting/crochet group. Where others can meet and stitch. Complain about their day, learn and grow. Who knows there may just so happen to be another lonely soul out there waiting, just as I wait.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Four Months Dreading and the Yarn Chaos

In the middle of our first week getting adjusted to our new house my dreads are now four months old. They have finally gotten long enough to put back in a bun. They are just shyly past my shoulders and are looking fantastic. I've noticed that having them put back has helped them mature much more than when I have had them down. The ends are still loose but are starting to thicken up where they are matted. Starting to see the first signs of waves or snakes, which i'm not too happy about but it's part of the process. Just means they are tightening up and in need of some tender loving palm rolls. Once they've been washed and worked on  I'll add pictures. Just two more months and then I'll cast on for a rasta tam...SO EXCITED!!! The front room to our new house has ironically become mom's room. Yarn and my personal selection of books I've yet to read have found themselves a home. Originally I thought it would be a good idea if I emptied out all of my yarn to organize by color. Well not so much of a great idea on my part saddly, soon after having done so the yarn chaos began. Overwhelming the entire room. I had wanted to organize my yarn so that when I go looking for yarn I know exactly what colors I have and what really needs to be used. My stash has grown to such a size I hadn't realized exactly how much I had. I started running out of places and looked wildly around for anything that could help contain the bundles of skeins still begging for a place. Three hours passed and I reluctantly started stuffing and begging please fit, please, please. The boys began calling for mom, Mom, MOM!!!  At last All the yarn had been placed back into the confines that once dampened the plee for more yarn. Now to brave another day to go head strong and finish the the placement by color, if nothing else it gives me and excuse to buy more storage containers, and a Yarn Winder!!!

The Joys and Frustration Of Unpacking

My husband is a bread man. So he works a lot, he leaves early in the morning around three while eveyone dreams sweet little dreams, and returns close to around six after doing his last pull in the evenings. So naturally that leaves me to do the unpacking. Now everyone knows unpacking is fun, decorating, deciding where things should go. Trying out furniture like ten different times before you find the right look. It's exciting, it's new, but holly crap you never realized you how so much crap you have. Till you start unloading the boxes, and you keep glancing behind you to find more boxes. Then it settles in man this sucks. Finding places for everything to go, getting rid of clutter. Having small kids first thing was first start with their rooms so they can play and sleep without getting into anything and don't end up getting hurt. That part was pretty easy, Bunk bed put together with my oldest help, okay, Dressers, okay, clothes...yeah they have a lot of clothes which I'll have to go through and seriously think about giving away. Again toy room, still nothing complicated, till the boys become involved with picking up their toys and dragging them through the rest of the house. The bulk of things comes down to the dishes, my knick-knacks, my yarn that takes up a room all of it's own, and the extras wants of life. Which of course is hard to get rid of. After spending the better part of this week arranging and rearranging, unwrapping, and flatening boxes everything was wonderful. You always have that one person that comes along and has brilliant ideas, of where to put things. You should try that here, or the hallway should be clear, that's you'r living room...goodness it's huge...yeah it's brilliant and then in the back of your head your thinking where were you a few days ago? It's a long drawn out process first with the move and then the unpacking. Week one after the move down, hoping to have everything complete this coming monday. Then I'll enjoy sitting back, relaxing knit in hand, and comany on either side. Whew we survived!!!

Moving Is A Process

Just wanted to start out by saying wow, I've had over 300 page views since I first started my blog in may of last year. This last week has been full of ups and downs. After packing everything up, it was moving day which we had intended to be the first but as everyone knows no move goes smoothly. Luckily everything pretty much got turned on the first day, which of course involves someone having to be present for them to be turned on. Our Adventure started with dropping the boys off at Grandma's then went with my husband to do his bread pull first thing in the morning. Which took it's sweet time. Stopped by the office to pick up our keys and off we went to pick up our dogs. I'll be honest our dogs are pretty spoiled they have a rug that they liked to lay down on. If the rug was being washed or outside to dry the dogs would be right at the back of your neck,heavy breathing and all till their rug was placed back in it's spot. Besides the car ride bringing the dogs home, they really haven't traveled too much so in the back of the truck in their crate they went. Horse and all. Poor girl didn't know what to do sit, stand, whine and beg to be let out. After picking up the boys with their backpacks of goodies to occupy their time while we waited for the water and eletric to be turned on. Of coure someone had to be present so here we were waiting at the new house empty, while the husband went to start the loading the truck and the phone calls of helping hands. The boys enjoyed their time running end to end of the house, picking bedroom, and were all their toys were going to go. Soon after hubby left on comes the electric, and not too long after that, so too the water is running. The wait was on for the helping hands to help load and unload, yet it just didn't happen. As the dogs had settled into the fenced backyard, and the boys had finally settled for a nap. The rain decided it wasn't going to wait anymore. So a change in everyone's plans set in. Close to 7 that evening three loads finally showed up. Uncle Duff, Grandpa, and hubby, arrived. After eating and returning home to try again the next day with a uhaul. After all the boys had settled down for the night on makeshift beds, Mom set to work to make sure everything was ready to go. Woke up bright and early and quick as pie everyone got to work, Grandpa and his Father/wife came out to help and within 3 hours the majority was loaded up on the truck. 45 minutes after that everything was unloaded. the next couple of days we retrived the rest of our belongings and mom started the unpacking process. Big hug and kiss to the everyone that helped couldn't have done it without you, by any means.