Saturday, February 11, 2012

Four Months Dreading and the Yarn Chaos

In the middle of our first week getting adjusted to our new house my dreads are now four months old. They have finally gotten long enough to put back in a bun. They are just shyly past my shoulders and are looking fantastic. I've noticed that having them put back has helped them mature much more than when I have had them down. The ends are still loose but are starting to thicken up where they are matted. Starting to see the first signs of waves or snakes, which i'm not too happy about but it's part of the process. Just means they are tightening up and in need of some tender loving palm rolls. Once they've been washed and worked on  I'll add pictures. Just two more months and then I'll cast on for a rasta tam...SO EXCITED!!! The front room to our new house has ironically become mom's room. Yarn and my personal selection of books I've yet to read have found themselves a home. Originally I thought it would be a good idea if I emptied out all of my yarn to organize by color. Well not so much of a great idea on my part saddly, soon after having done so the yarn chaos began. Overwhelming the entire room. I had wanted to organize my yarn so that when I go looking for yarn I know exactly what colors I have and what really needs to be used. My stash has grown to such a size I hadn't realized exactly how much I had. I started running out of places and looked wildly around for anything that could help contain the bundles of skeins still begging for a place. Three hours passed and I reluctantly started stuffing and begging please fit, please, please. The boys began calling for mom, Mom, MOM!!!  At last All the yarn had been placed back into the confines that once dampened the plee for more yarn. Now to brave another day to go head strong and finish the the placement by color, if nothing else it gives me and excuse to buy more storage containers, and a Yarn Winder!!!

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