Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Joys and Frustration Of Unpacking

My husband is a bread man. So he works a lot, he leaves early in the morning around three while eveyone dreams sweet little dreams, and returns close to around six after doing his last pull in the evenings. So naturally that leaves me to do the unpacking. Now everyone knows unpacking is fun, decorating, deciding where things should go. Trying out furniture like ten different times before you find the right look. It's exciting, it's new, but holly crap you never realized you how so much crap you have. Till you start unloading the boxes, and you keep glancing behind you to find more boxes. Then it settles in man this sucks. Finding places for everything to go, getting rid of clutter. Having small kids first thing was first start with their rooms so they can play and sleep without getting into anything and don't end up getting hurt. That part was pretty easy, Bunk bed put together with my oldest help, okay, Dressers, okay, clothes...yeah they have a lot of clothes which I'll have to go through and seriously think about giving away. Again toy room, still nothing complicated, till the boys become involved with picking up their toys and dragging them through the rest of the house. The bulk of things comes down to the dishes, my knick-knacks, my yarn that takes up a room all of it's own, and the extras wants of life. Which of course is hard to get rid of. After spending the better part of this week arranging and rearranging, unwrapping, and flatening boxes everything was wonderful. You always have that one person that comes along and has brilliant ideas, of where to put things. You should try that here, or the hallway should be clear, that's you'r living room...goodness it's huge...yeah it's brilliant and then in the back of your head your thinking where were you a few days ago? It's a long drawn out process first with the move and then the unpacking. Week one after the move down, hoping to have everything complete this coming monday. Then I'll enjoy sitting back, relaxing knit in hand, and comany on either side. Whew we survived!!!

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