Friday, March 30, 2012

When Murlocs Can't Do It, Hats and Scarves will

With everything that has been going on so far this week surprisingly I've managed to get a couple of things done. There's generally about a three or four days out of the month that I'll actualy get a realy good nights sleep. With everyone still getting over our week long marathon of being sick and the warm wheather sleep hasn't been too much of an option as usual so I've been catching up on a book I've borrowed from my mom. Almost 2/3 of the way finished hopefully I'll be able to finish it soon so I can start the next. The murloc for my husband has sprouted arms, and finally has eyes attached. Now to gather up the motivation to finish the legs, and mouth. Then to finish yet another murloc for Fox's birthday. With everything I've made everyone as of late I decided to take a break and work on a couple of projects with left over yarn. Crocheted a white scarf with two difeerent varigated yarns, which turned out very pleasing if only there was a little girl I knew that could have a use for it. Then Found this beautiful purple Lion Brand Homespun yarn that I've tried to make a baby blanket with. I've tried to make a scarf with but each just dosn't fit the lushous, rich color of the purple. So for the time being it sits on my desk next to the comp waiting for it's destiny to reveal itself. As I was going throught the boys clothes, putting away the winter, and bringing out the summer I came across a two baby hats my sister had made for the Boys when they had been newborns and finallay it hit me. The Purple would work wonderfully for a winter slouchy. So once the Mulocs have finished and before my mom has gahtered the next few projects she'd like for me to stitch up next I think a little prject for me is in order. I also managed by some miracle to reach it to level 81 on my druid on WoW! Whew looks like this little lady will be getting ready for end game pretty soon, Gear for Tank N Spanking!!!

6 Months Locks, Shopping, and Beads

First thing yesterday morning the boys and I stopped by Best Buy to exchange the blu-ray player we'd bought the day before. Being there as the store opened up, and only one lady in front of us I figured it would be an in and out. It took 45 minutes of standing in line before the three people working the customer service finally even looked our direction. The lady in front had bought a computer the day before and was retuning the mainframe because she had been told it was easy to use, even though she's never had one before, and wanted to return it because she it wasn't easy to use. You'd figure they would have a stations like that of Home depot were you could learn about what your buying. One employee was standing talking to an elder gentleman about everything under the sun but electronics. Then there was another lady that just sat at the computer not bothering to look up as she twiddled away at her phone. Ten minutes after arriving another guy walked in with his grandson. After being seen to by a manager, I was finally free to exchange the player. Which to my luck was the last in stock the day before, and the days previous samsung players had dwindled down to nothing. Ended up having to get a Blu-ray 3D being all they had left. For the added wait decided to pick a personal favorite The Rocketeer to take home and watch with the kiddos. Next stop was grandma's. Just in time for lunch the boys chowed down on some waffles, and got to spend time playing and watching some cartoons while we exchanged our week. My mom Knows I have a thing for collecting pigs so everytime she finds something unique or something I don't have yet she adds them to a pile for our next visit. More wonderful pigs to add to my miscellanoius possessions. With it nearing nap time we headed out to finish the rest of the errands before heading home. A quick stop in to Walmart for a few Easter goodies, and a bit of looking around. As usual when the husbands isn't around the cart tends to magicaly find it's way to the craft section. Picked up some wiggly eyes for the husbands Murloc, looked at the books and of course the yarn, but ironicly nothing feel into the cart. Almost out of the craft department some cases of beads caught my eye. Now for close to a month now it's crossed my mind to go and look for some beads to add to my locks. I've been rather hesitant because I haven't wanted to buy a whole bunch of expensive beads and either they not fit, or having to buy several sizes since my locks are of course different sizes. My locks are just going to continue to lock up and thicken up so no point in buying something that won't last that long. I found a few cases of assorted wooden beads, which is more the look I'm thinking for. I've had my years of fun with color and realy wanting to do an all around natural/earthtone stlye. For $4 why not so in the buggy it went a few groceries and off to the next stop. The Post office was rather empty being close to lunch time and with 6 packages needing to go out it was a relief to mail the last of the packages that's been needing to go out.  Once home me and the boys sat down to watch The Rocketeer as I began with the beads. It didn't take long put the majority of the beads on the losser dreads,  as well as a few of my favorite ones, which are all slowly finding names matching their characteristics. Once the hubby came home we all sat down to finish watching syfy's Neverland.

Sebastian's School Tour

Another week and my locks will be 6 months, yay!!! Seems like it's taken forever just to get to this point, then again, time flys too. Wednesday we finally recieved our fridge from Best Buy that took a good three weeks to reach our address. This mom is one happy camper no more feeding 5 people out of a minifridge and buying groceries every week. Now it can be a once a month visit to the meat market and every two for produce. After a trip to lowes found a microwave with a handle to open instead of the button. My luck the bloody buttons always go out and then life has a new way of kicking you were it hurts. With spring break and the kids returning to school, We took Sebastian to look at the closest school to our house, let him get a looksie at the classrooms. Since Bambino's name wasn't pulled for the school we applied for and are currently 29 on the waiting list. Visited a  few of the teachers, asked what any other parent asks. So now it's just getting around to gathering up shot records, certificates and what other needed information the school needs to enroll him. Sebastian is every bit like me, very shy when it comes to people he doesn't know so besides a nod or a shake of the head it's about all he'd do to answer questions. He got to observe the children collecting dirt and starting to plant seeds in the garden. Absoluetly fascinated by the kids upon leaving he grabbed my arm and asked why he couldn't stay. He was a big boy and big boys go to school. Which was a joy to see, he was ready for us to just drop him off. Afterwards we headed out to best buy to get a printer, and a blu-ray player. With finding patterns online it's a pain to travel with some of my projects, and besides being at home with nothing for a wife/mother of three to do...oh wait...very seldom. Bigger projects, or projects in need of a pattern tend to stay home collecting in a corner waiting for a chance to be finished. So figured it was time to get a printer easier on the artheritic hands, plus save time having to write everything down. That and I have a tendency to read faster than my hands can scribble so never know what mess I'll create just to have to rip back. Took all of 5 minutes to pick out. Next blue-ray player took a little more time. We ended up with the last box for samsung smart hub, to accompany our samsung tv.  Got Syfy's Neverland to sit down and watch as a family, then homeward we went. Hubby Set up the player and printer, whilst I started dinner. Printer worked perfectly, netflix worked perfectly, but what do you know 10 minutes into neverland and the player froze. Only way to fix it was the good ole off button, just for it to continue freezing on start up, and another movie just to make sure that wasn't the case. Fun, FUN...another trip to best buy.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just My Luck

After what seemed like everyone finally getting better, no more buckets, no more sick kids. Yesterday was the family sick day. Sebastian and I woke up around 3 in the morning sick, while the husband was getting ready for work. Fox and Declan woke up close to 5 sick. Then the husband text me sometime around 9 saying he wasn't feeling good either. There's nothing better than everyone sitting under the same blanket. Sharing the communal bucket and watching Star wars together. Nothing that realy says family time, like being sick together. Off and on thoughout the day the boys had small bursts of energy, so I put up their tent inide the den, brought in the bean bags so they could play, and feel a little better about being closed up in one room while off and on everyone napped. Usually once everyone has gone to bed it's my special time to get the last things done around the house, watch a few shows, or simply knit. Instead 8 o clock was everyones bed time. This morning everyone woke up in perfect health but good ole mom. With little food in the house, inevitably it was time to get ready to go out and get some shopping done. Again after only getting to charge the truck for at best I'd say an hour due to rain, the bloody beast wouldn't start. Starting to think my luck has turned on me...with a lack of a muse to knit/crochet and nothing new to watch on the telle, the house is ganging up on me...the dishes are breading, the house is in need of a deep clean, all for another day. Time to rest, gather my strenght and clean another day.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When Your Not Looking

Once a week I do my best to visit with my mom. With the both of us being housewives, it's kind of lonely so we've gotten to become close friends within the last two or three years. The boys get to spend time with grandma and us ladies get to talk of our "issues". Of course pretaining to husbands, animals, news, and life in general. Growing up my mom and I use to bat heads together because of how simiular we are to each other. Of course multiple women in one space is just plain hell. It's amazing that it's so easy to go shop with my mom and yet shopping with the husband is unbearable. I'm a shop around kind of girl, penny clencher if you will. Why spend a lot of money when you can get the exact same thing for less, might take longer but the end result is the same. Sunday my mom called saying she'd found two dressers she wanted to pick up that monday, and if I'd help her to pick up one of them in my truck. Monday morning came boys ready, went to start the truck to meet my mom at the store down the road from our house and what do you know the bloody thing won't start. The battery being low and uncharged from the following week when one of the doors had been left ajar. The truck had finally decided enough was enough and a charge was in order. With my truck down my mom picked us up and away we went. what was suppose to have been a quick stop and grab turned out to be a full day affair. Our next stop was the goodwill close to my house where, nothing caught our eye. Then on to McDonalds so the kids could play. Had we realized it was spring break we may have rethought going. Especially when you have teenagers on the going up and down the slides running over all of the little ones. You'd figure when a girl has boobs it'd be a sign of your TOO big. Stopped at another goodwill and what do you know when your not looking for anything, that's when you find everything and then some. Hiddng underneath bags bags of draps, there was a small stash of yarn, which at a distance the price wasn't what i'd normally go for. But at a closer look and found the yarn inside was well worth the $7 for mohair and what lookied like a set of crochet needles and several crochet books, in the cart it went. Found 4 sets of curtains, the boy found a few movies, a kitchen set for $5, a few pig for myelf. The best find was a desk. It' s a small, delicate desk that has a removable bottem that fold up and the top has a small drawer to place my needles and scissors behind my comp so that the boys don't get into them. I had seen one for $300 twice the size, and was a roll top resemblance. This one was $35 and the exact size i needle something to play wow in the same room as hubby. It easier to turn around the yell from acroos the room. My mom found a few things so all in all a rough start but every one came out very happy. Sebastian helped to hang the curtains once we got home and my desk has a home.

Late Night Party Of Sickos

With spring in full swing, pollen is everywhere. Yellow dust linning the streets, and cars as thick as the yellow brick road itself. Normally the time of year when my allergies and I battle it out, though endless rolls of toilet paper rolls, wattery eyes, and one nostril switcher roo every other day. Of course the last going on five years more than half of that time was either pregnant or one of the boys stuck to moms hip with little sleep, so not a lot of a resistance to kick off the attacker. So far this year I've been in the clear...that being said my fingers are crossed, that it stays that way...Last week was Sebastian's bump on the noggin, plus 24 hour bug. So yet here again my 4 year old is having a time with allergies. The last two nights he has been up off and on coughing, sneezing, and miserable. He got to help grandpa to load his truck today with the dead tree that decided to fall down in a storm a few weeks ago. Which was a little to close to the house for comfort, but far enough away that the sigh of relief, was a thank you all in it's self. Being mommy's wonderful helper regardless of the little sleep he's been able to get. Every half  hour or so he'd be up coughing and unbearably miserable. Part of the night we'll sit and watch one of my shows that I leave for the end of the night or the kids nap time so as to hear the entire show. Sittign together all wrapped up until back to sleep he goes just to repeat the process again. Tonight started out the same. Sebastian not feeling good, making some peppermint tea to help his little body, and bed. An hour after the husband and I lay down the coughing starts up and a little voice at the side of the bed. The voice of Sebastian, telling me he doesn't feel good and our youngest Declan too is sick. Quick change of the sheets, load in the wash, changing of clothes, the three of us settle in for a long night. Thank goodness for yarn, telle, and the good ole comp. But I wouldn't want it any other way, my late night party of sickos. Now just to wait for Fox to catch it, then bite mom in the butt, at least I'll have three boys that will help their mommy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Murloc Army!

Since moving, then  adjusting to the new house, new schedule and whatnot, there's been a bit of a lazy streak with my knitting/crochet. Too much I've wanted to do really. I have a book that I've been trying to read for the last 4 or 5 months. Within the last month I've some how gotten through half to again sit forgotten on the shelf next to my bed. We've been out  doing things with the boys before Sebastian starts school in the fall. Yep there's the school thing I'm working on at the moment too. Getting him into a school, and ready once he starts. I've wanted a yarn winder since Christmas, and the hubby was amazing to surprise me with one, after work one day. Sadly it hasn't gotten a lot of use as of yet. I recently found a couple of books one on slouchy beanies that I've tried one pattern and have like it. The other being for dishclothes. I'm pretty much at the point were my growing skills beg to branch out on projects. Do something different, and unique. Had a request for a Bella Swan hat, that was black, white, and gray, that I loved so much decided to make another one. I've decided to give to a very special sister in law, because she loves the twilight saga. A few months ago my husband brought up that he saw a knitted murloc for W.O.W and begged for me to make it. Before the pattern wasn't as available plus I just wasn't ready to to use double pointed needles other than to finish a hat. But again the request was brought to the surface so, I finally sat down to find the pattern to start the army of murlocs. Starting off was a trip with size five needles, my hobbit fingers getting everything mingled up, but I got it. Then came the short row shappings, with wraps and turns. That yes I freaked out over something that was nothing. Finished the torso of the body with the Kitchener Stitch which again I mildly freaked over nothing. Moved to the tailfin that had a picot edge bind off, my heart fluttered, but got it again...What I would have never been able to accomplish anything to this point without youtube, well maybe a year from now after having broken evey double point I pocess, and throw the pttern for the birds to eat. But not wanting to drasticly disable my needles I got on the comp instead. Sometimes it's a good thing to to look for an idiots guide of how to. I've finished the dorsal and just started on the arms, hopefully the legs will follow. Everything I've started for my husband is know to meet a stand still, the first blanket I made him, was a big failwhale, I didn't stitch it toghether like I should have, then again him being a tirant didn't too much help. So In the linen closet it sits waiting to be ripped and restarted. Hopefully once I start it again I'll be more familar with putting it together. Luckily now I know the Kitchener Stitch. Another project was a rasta tam for when he too had dreads, which I did finish, it just kind of swallowed his head. I didn't think of the gauge and the brim has too many stitches, the only thing required would be to again rip back and start again, or use it for my child sized head and hope my dreads will fill up the rest of the space one day. My middle child Fox will be having his third birthday in April so I'm also trying to find something for him. Don't get me wrong it's a while until his birthday but, I'm bad with deadlines and should have already found and started something. Hopfully that shall be the case. He loves owls so I thought of making him an Owl pillow but also thought of making A murloc for him as well. Since he likes to run around with his dads unfinished Mur (as the Husband calls him). Just means this woman has to get busy. Get the one on the needles finished, then the Army of Murlocs shall really begin.

Late night ER Hell Of A Wait

Yesterday was a very hectic day. From the start I just knew there was trouble floating in the air. My oldest woke up sick complaining the his stomach hurt, just wasn't feeling good. With Sebastian you can always tell because he loses all of his color  turning to ash, lips and all. Sadly there were a bunch of errands that just had to be done. So away the four of us went bucket clutched between his hands. Bank, truck payment, visit to grandmas to drop off a few movies. Fast in and out to walmart to pick up crackers/soup, bucket all the way. Once we got home poor little guy was on the couch in a heart beat wrapped up ready to watch Indiana Jones Marathon. A little after 3 his color had returned, he was up playing with the younger boys. Later in the evening Husband came home, had supper and then pick up time before bed started. Fox and Declan were picking up the Toy room since they were the messy monsters. Sebastian was helping me to pick up the den when trying to put a blanket on the lazy boy, he slipped and fell. Imediately afterwards he calls out, "I'm okay". Looking over I noticed he was still on the ground and the blanket had fallen on top of him and he'd hit his head on the space heater. So I went to help him up after taking the blanket off, Blood was all over his face. Picking him up off the carpet into the kitchen to get a better look we found he had a small cut on his forehead. Grabbing the closest rag, shoes, purse, and the other kiddos off we went to get him looked at. As soon as we got to the ER many of the people, were complaining of having been there since 3, yet here we are at 8 walking in the door to a packed waiting room. After having signed in then finding two seats for a family of five to fit in we settled in. Half hour later Sebastian got his vitals taken. Hour after that everything was entered into the computer. The kiddos normally go to bed around 8 they were already pretty tired. they were mostly interested to see what everyone else was doing. There was a young lady there with her mom waiting to get a broken arm looked at, discussing movies VS. books. She arrived an hour or so before we had. The two younger boys enjoyed playing games of Peckaboo, and waving. Two hours later still we sat waiting...waiting...waiting. They weren't really calling anyone back, so what else can you do. By this time Sebastian's head had stopped bleeding, the healing process had begun. All three boys were on their best behavior, sitting quietly playing on my phone and watching everything go on around them. Waiting...waiting...waiting Broken leg in and out, Bad rash on a tennaged girl, in and out, you name it. Since my hauband has to get up at three to go to work he took the younger boys out to the truck to get a bit of sleep around 12:30. Poor Sebastian could barely keep his eyes open so he laid down on my lap and closed his eyes. The young lady with the broken arm finally got called back around twelve then left shortly after the hubby and the kids had went to nap in the truck. So I thought surely we're close, since everyone else had left that had been there prior or around the same time we'd got there. It wasn't until 1:20 that we'd fnally been summoned. It took all of 2 minutes to liquid stitch his forehead and consult with the doctor. Then on to waiting for a perscription for antibiotics, and sign papers. Minute by agonizing minute the clock got closer and closer to two, I took a big breathe and said "Hey I need to go, My husband and kids are waiting in the parking lot we've been here since 8, he has to get up at three to get to work, can we please get the perscription and go." And what do you know out pops a perscription and off we go. I was so proud of Sebastion, he didn't cry, or scream he simply looked the doctor in the eyes, like the tough little boy I love him to be. Hugging him tight as we left, and a few small tears rolled down our faces we let the toughness go. Repeatidly while we sat for 6 hours two thoughts crosssed my mind. How many people die in the ER waiting room each year due to more serious injuires, Just Rediculous! The other being if I'd know I would be sitting in the Hospital for 6 hours I'd have brought some projects to knit/crochet. Luckily it was a small injuiry and Sebastian is A okay! Let it be a lesson learned that next time there will be needles and yarn, a backpack of toys for the kids, along with a picnic basket or better yet we'll make an appointment with a doctor. Now I know why my parents joke about waiting three days to go to the hospital.

Five Month Locks

Celebrated my five month old dreads, on the 5th. So that means one more month and it's time to cast on a slouchy for my small child sized head. I was reading a couple of blogs, and forums discussing locks and saw that the majority of people just let them hang there, wash them, and again let them hang there. No palm-rolling, they let them do their own thing. Within half the time compared to the ones constantly doing maintenance their locks are amazing, locked and full. Now that of course is a hard thing for me being a perfectionist, but so far so good been a little over two weeks and besides the occaisional pony tail or updo  to get my hair of my neck it's done just that. Hang There. Now I'll admitt I'm not too much of  fan when it comes to the congo dreads so I do pull them apart so to make sure they don't mingle. This last week alone I've notice an improvement less loose hair and everything is pretty matted. I started to use Dr. Bronners Peppermint bar soap the beginning of the month. Having three kids and running around with a baking soda rinse on my head for 15-30 minutes just isn't fun and the slip and slide, free for all can be dangerous. With the bar soap since it is extreamly concentrated, it  has Olive Oil as a main ingredient does tend to leave the hair oily if too much is used so, a few suds, rubbed in my hands then scrub a dub. A little goes a long way, the peppermint has a wonderful smell. I also made my own batch of accelorator after reading a few forums. Boiling 2 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of sea salt, a few drops of lemon juice, put it in a spray bottle and after it has cooled spray once or twice a day to help keep your locks tight and together. Becuse of the lemon juice the sun will lighten your hair and irratiate the scalp so try to stay toward the ends. This has really done the trick for me. Since I've wavy, coure hair it tends to want to stay loose, and cave woman crazy. Think my next task will be to look into beads.