Friday, March 30, 2012

Sebastian's School Tour

Another week and my locks will be 6 months, yay!!! Seems like it's taken forever just to get to this point, then again, time flys too. Wednesday we finally recieved our fridge from Best Buy that took a good three weeks to reach our address. This mom is one happy camper no more feeding 5 people out of a minifridge and buying groceries every week. Now it can be a once a month visit to the meat market and every two for produce. After a trip to lowes found a microwave with a handle to open instead of the button. My luck the bloody buttons always go out and then life has a new way of kicking you were it hurts. With spring break and the kids returning to school, We took Sebastian to look at the closest school to our house, let him get a looksie at the classrooms. Since Bambino's name wasn't pulled for the school we applied for and are currently 29 on the waiting list. Visited a  few of the teachers, asked what any other parent asks. So now it's just getting around to gathering up shot records, certificates and what other needed information the school needs to enroll him. Sebastian is every bit like me, very shy when it comes to people he doesn't know so besides a nod or a shake of the head it's about all he'd do to answer questions. He got to observe the children collecting dirt and starting to plant seeds in the garden. Absoluetly fascinated by the kids upon leaving he grabbed my arm and asked why he couldn't stay. He was a big boy and big boys go to school. Which was a joy to see, he was ready for us to just drop him off. Afterwards we headed out to best buy to get a printer, and a blu-ray player. With finding patterns online it's a pain to travel with some of my projects, and besides being at home with nothing for a wife/mother of three to do...oh wait...very seldom. Bigger projects, or projects in need of a pattern tend to stay home collecting in a corner waiting for a chance to be finished. So figured it was time to get a printer easier on the artheritic hands, plus save time having to write everything down. That and I have a tendency to read faster than my hands can scribble so never know what mess I'll create just to have to rip back. Took all of 5 minutes to pick out. Next blue-ray player took a little more time. We ended up with the last box for samsung smart hub, to accompany our samsung tv.  Got Syfy's Neverland to sit down and watch as a family, then homeward we went. Hubby Set up the player and printer, whilst I started dinner. Printer worked perfectly, netflix worked perfectly, but what do you know 10 minutes into neverland and the player froze. Only way to fix it was the good ole off button, just for it to continue freezing on start up, and another movie just to make sure that wasn't the case. Fun, FUN...another trip to best buy.

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