Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Five Month Locks

Celebrated my five month old dreads, on the 5th. So that means one more month and it's time to cast on a slouchy for my small child sized head. I was reading a couple of blogs, and forums discussing locks and saw that the majority of people just let them hang there, wash them, and again let them hang there. No palm-rolling, they let them do their own thing. Within half the time compared to the ones constantly doing maintenance their locks are amazing, locked and full. Now that of course is a hard thing for me being a perfectionist, but so far so good been a little over two weeks and besides the occaisional pony tail or updo  to get my hair of my neck it's done just that. Hang There. Now I'll admitt I'm not too much of  fan when it comes to the congo dreads so I do pull them apart so to make sure they don't mingle. This last week alone I've notice an improvement less loose hair and everything is pretty matted. I started to use Dr. Bronners Peppermint bar soap the beginning of the month. Having three kids and running around with a baking soda rinse on my head for 15-30 minutes just isn't fun and the slip and slide, free for all can be dangerous. With the bar soap since it is extreamly concentrated, it  has Olive Oil as a main ingredient does tend to leave the hair oily if too much is used so, a few suds, rubbed in my hands then scrub a dub. A little goes a long way, the peppermint has a wonderful smell. I also made my own batch of accelorator after reading a few forums. Boiling 2 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of sea salt, a few drops of lemon juice, put it in a spray bottle and after it has cooled spray once or twice a day to help keep your locks tight and together. Becuse of the lemon juice the sun will lighten your hair and irratiate the scalp so try to stay toward the ends. This has really done the trick for me. Since I've wavy, coure hair it tends to want to stay loose, and cave woman crazy. Think my next task will be to look into beads.

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