Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just My Luck

After what seemed like everyone finally getting better, no more buckets, no more sick kids. Yesterday was the family sick day. Sebastian and I woke up around 3 in the morning sick, while the husband was getting ready for work. Fox and Declan woke up close to 5 sick. Then the husband text me sometime around 9 saying he wasn't feeling good either. There's nothing better than everyone sitting under the same blanket. Sharing the communal bucket and watching Star wars together. Nothing that realy says family time, like being sick together. Off and on thoughout the day the boys had small bursts of energy, so I put up their tent inide the den, brought in the bean bags so they could play, and feel a little better about being closed up in one room while off and on everyone napped. Usually once everyone has gone to bed it's my special time to get the last things done around the house, watch a few shows, or simply knit. Instead 8 o clock was everyones bed time. This morning everyone woke up in perfect health but good ole mom. With little food in the house, inevitably it was time to get ready to go out and get some shopping done. Again after only getting to charge the truck for at best I'd say an hour due to rain, the bloody beast wouldn't start. Starting to think my luck has turned on me...with a lack of a muse to knit/crochet and nothing new to watch on the telle, the house is ganging up on me...the dishes are breading, the house is in need of a deep clean, all for another day. Time to rest, gather my strenght and clean another day.

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