Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Late night ER Hell Of A Wait

Yesterday was a very hectic day. From the start I just knew there was trouble floating in the air. My oldest woke up sick complaining the his stomach hurt, just wasn't feeling good. With Sebastian you can always tell because he loses all of his color  turning to ash, lips and all. Sadly there were a bunch of errands that just had to be done. So away the four of us went bucket clutched between his hands. Bank, truck payment, visit to grandmas to drop off a few movies. Fast in and out to walmart to pick up crackers/soup, bucket all the way. Once we got home poor little guy was on the couch in a heart beat wrapped up ready to watch Indiana Jones Marathon. A little after 3 his color had returned, he was up playing with the younger boys. Later in the evening Husband came home, had supper and then pick up time before bed started. Fox and Declan were picking up the Toy room since they were the messy monsters. Sebastian was helping me to pick up the den when trying to put a blanket on the lazy boy, he slipped and fell. Imediately afterwards he calls out, "I'm okay". Looking over I noticed he was still on the ground and the blanket had fallen on top of him and he'd hit his head on the space heater. So I went to help him up after taking the blanket off, Blood was all over his face. Picking him up off the carpet into the kitchen to get a better look we found he had a small cut on his forehead. Grabbing the closest rag, shoes, purse, and the other kiddos off we went to get him looked at. As soon as we got to the ER many of the people, were complaining of having been there since 3, yet here we are at 8 walking in the door to a packed waiting room. After having signed in then finding two seats for a family of five to fit in we settled in. Half hour later Sebastian got his vitals taken. Hour after that everything was entered into the computer. The kiddos normally go to bed around 8 they were already pretty tired. they were mostly interested to see what everyone else was doing. There was a young lady there with her mom waiting to get a broken arm looked at, discussing movies VS. books. She arrived an hour or so before we had. The two younger boys enjoyed playing games of Peckaboo, and waving. Two hours later still we sat waiting...waiting...waiting. They weren't really calling anyone back, so what else can you do. By this time Sebastian's head had stopped bleeding, the healing process had begun. All three boys were on their best behavior, sitting quietly playing on my phone and watching everything go on around them. Waiting...waiting...waiting Broken leg in and out, Bad rash on a tennaged girl, in and out, you name it. Since my hauband has to get up at three to go to work he took the younger boys out to the truck to get a bit of sleep around 12:30. Poor Sebastian could barely keep his eyes open so he laid down on my lap and closed his eyes. The young lady with the broken arm finally got called back around twelve then left shortly after the hubby and the kids had went to nap in the truck. So I thought surely we're close, since everyone else had left that had been there prior or around the same time we'd got there. It wasn't until 1:20 that we'd fnally been summoned. It took all of 2 minutes to liquid stitch his forehead and consult with the doctor. Then on to waiting for a perscription for antibiotics, and sign papers. Minute by agonizing minute the clock got closer and closer to two, I took a big breathe and said "Hey I need to go, My husband and kids are waiting in the parking lot we've been here since 8, he has to get up at three to get to work, can we please get the perscription and go." And what do you know out pops a perscription and off we go. I was so proud of Sebastion, he didn't cry, or scream he simply looked the doctor in the eyes, like the tough little boy I love him to be. Hugging him tight as we left, and a few small tears rolled down our faces we let the toughness go. Repeatidly while we sat for 6 hours two thoughts crosssed my mind. How many people die in the ER waiting room each year due to more serious injuires, Just Rediculous! The other being if I'd know I would be sitting in the Hospital for 6 hours I'd have brought some projects to knit/crochet. Luckily it was a small injuiry and Sebastian is A okay! Let it be a lesson learned that next time there will be needles and yarn, a backpack of toys for the kids, along with a picnic basket or better yet we'll make an appointment with a doctor. Now I know why my parents joke about waiting three days to go to the hospital.

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