Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Late Night Party Of Sickos

With spring in full swing, pollen is everywhere. Yellow dust linning the streets, and cars as thick as the yellow brick road itself. Normally the time of year when my allergies and I battle it out, though endless rolls of toilet paper rolls, wattery eyes, and one nostril switcher roo every other day. Of course the last going on five years more than half of that time was either pregnant or one of the boys stuck to moms hip with little sleep, so not a lot of a resistance to kick off the attacker. So far this year I've been in the clear...that being said my fingers are crossed, that it stays that way...Last week was Sebastian's bump on the noggin, plus 24 hour bug. So yet here again my 4 year old is having a time with allergies. The last two nights he has been up off and on coughing, sneezing, and miserable. He got to help grandpa to load his truck today with the dead tree that decided to fall down in a storm a few weeks ago. Which was a little to close to the house for comfort, but far enough away that the sigh of relief, was a thank you all in it's self. Being mommy's wonderful helper regardless of the little sleep he's been able to get. Every half  hour or so he'd be up coughing and unbearably miserable. Part of the night we'll sit and watch one of my shows that I leave for the end of the night or the kids nap time so as to hear the entire show. Sittign together all wrapped up until back to sleep he goes just to repeat the process again. Tonight started out the same. Sebastian not feeling good, making some peppermint tea to help his little body, and bed. An hour after the husband and I lay down the coughing starts up and a little voice at the side of the bed. The voice of Sebastian, telling me he doesn't feel good and our youngest Declan too is sick. Quick change of the sheets, load in the wash, changing of clothes, the three of us settle in for a long night. Thank goodness for yarn, telle, and the good ole comp. But I wouldn't want it any other way, my late night party of sickos. Now just to wait for Fox to catch it, then bite mom in the butt, at least I'll have three boys that will help their mommy.

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