Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Murloc Army!

Since moving, then  adjusting to the new house, new schedule and whatnot, there's been a bit of a lazy streak with my knitting/crochet. Too much I've wanted to do really. I have a book that I've been trying to read for the last 4 or 5 months. Within the last month I've some how gotten through half to again sit forgotten on the shelf next to my bed. We've been out  doing things with the boys before Sebastian starts school in the fall. Yep there's the school thing I'm working on at the moment too. Getting him into a school, and ready once he starts. I've wanted a yarn winder since Christmas, and the hubby was amazing to surprise me with one, after work one day. Sadly it hasn't gotten a lot of use as of yet. I recently found a couple of books one on slouchy beanies that I've tried one pattern and have like it. The other being for dishclothes. I'm pretty much at the point were my growing skills beg to branch out on projects. Do something different, and unique. Had a request for a Bella Swan hat, that was black, white, and gray, that I loved so much decided to make another one. I've decided to give to a very special sister in law, because she loves the twilight saga. A few months ago my husband brought up that he saw a knitted murloc for W.O.W and begged for me to make it. Before the pattern wasn't as available plus I just wasn't ready to to use double pointed needles other than to finish a hat. But again the request was brought to the surface so, I finally sat down to find the pattern to start the army of murlocs. Starting off was a trip with size five needles, my hobbit fingers getting everything mingled up, but I got it. Then came the short row shappings, with wraps and turns. That yes I freaked out over something that was nothing. Finished the torso of the body with the Kitchener Stitch which again I mildly freaked over nothing. Moved to the tailfin that had a picot edge bind off, my heart fluttered, but got it again...What I would have never been able to accomplish anything to this point without youtube, well maybe a year from now after having broken evey double point I pocess, and throw the pttern for the birds to eat. But not wanting to drasticly disable my needles I got on the comp instead. Sometimes it's a good thing to to look for an idiots guide of how to. I've finished the dorsal and just started on the arms, hopefully the legs will follow. Everything I've started for my husband is know to meet a stand still, the first blanket I made him, was a big failwhale, I didn't stitch it toghether like I should have, then again him being a tirant didn't too much help. So In the linen closet it sits waiting to be ripped and restarted. Hopefully once I start it again I'll be more familar with putting it together. Luckily now I know the Kitchener Stitch. Another project was a rasta tam for when he too had dreads, which I did finish, it just kind of swallowed his head. I didn't think of the gauge and the brim has too many stitches, the only thing required would be to again rip back and start again, or use it for my child sized head and hope my dreads will fill up the rest of the space one day. My middle child Fox will be having his third birthday in April so I'm also trying to find something for him. Don't get me wrong it's a while until his birthday but, I'm bad with deadlines and should have already found and started something. Hopfully that shall be the case. He loves owls so I thought of making him an Owl pillow but also thought of making A murloc for him as well. Since he likes to run around with his dads unfinished Mur (as the Husband calls him). Just means this woman has to get busy. Get the one on the needles finished, then the Army of Murlocs shall really begin.

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