Friday, March 30, 2012

6 Months Locks, Shopping, and Beads

First thing yesterday morning the boys and I stopped by Best Buy to exchange the blu-ray player we'd bought the day before. Being there as the store opened up, and only one lady in front of us I figured it would be an in and out. It took 45 minutes of standing in line before the three people working the customer service finally even looked our direction. The lady in front had bought a computer the day before and was retuning the mainframe because she had been told it was easy to use, even though she's never had one before, and wanted to return it because she it wasn't easy to use. You'd figure they would have a stations like that of Home depot were you could learn about what your buying. One employee was standing talking to an elder gentleman about everything under the sun but electronics. Then there was another lady that just sat at the computer not bothering to look up as she twiddled away at her phone. Ten minutes after arriving another guy walked in with his grandson. After being seen to by a manager, I was finally free to exchange the player. Which to my luck was the last in stock the day before, and the days previous samsung players had dwindled down to nothing. Ended up having to get a Blu-ray 3D being all they had left. For the added wait decided to pick a personal favorite The Rocketeer to take home and watch with the kiddos. Next stop was grandma's. Just in time for lunch the boys chowed down on some waffles, and got to spend time playing and watching some cartoons while we exchanged our week. My mom Knows I have a thing for collecting pigs so everytime she finds something unique or something I don't have yet she adds them to a pile for our next visit. More wonderful pigs to add to my miscellanoius possessions. With it nearing nap time we headed out to finish the rest of the errands before heading home. A quick stop in to Walmart for a few Easter goodies, and a bit of looking around. As usual when the husbands isn't around the cart tends to magicaly find it's way to the craft section. Picked up some wiggly eyes for the husbands Murloc, looked at the books and of course the yarn, but ironicly nothing feel into the cart. Almost out of the craft department some cases of beads caught my eye. Now for close to a month now it's crossed my mind to go and look for some beads to add to my locks. I've been rather hesitant because I haven't wanted to buy a whole bunch of expensive beads and either they not fit, or having to buy several sizes since my locks are of course different sizes. My locks are just going to continue to lock up and thicken up so no point in buying something that won't last that long. I found a few cases of assorted wooden beads, which is more the look I'm thinking for. I've had my years of fun with color and realy wanting to do an all around natural/earthtone stlye. For $4 why not so in the buggy it went a few groceries and off to the next stop. The Post office was rather empty being close to lunch time and with 6 packages needing to go out it was a relief to mail the last of the packages that's been needing to go out.  Once home me and the boys sat down to watch The Rocketeer as I began with the beads. It didn't take long put the majority of the beads on the losser dreads,  as well as a few of my favorite ones, which are all slowly finding names matching their characteristics. Once the hubby came home we all sat down to finish watching syfy's Neverland.

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