Friday, March 30, 2012

When Murlocs Can't Do It, Hats and Scarves will

With everything that has been going on so far this week surprisingly I've managed to get a couple of things done. There's generally about a three or four days out of the month that I'll actualy get a realy good nights sleep. With everyone still getting over our week long marathon of being sick and the warm wheather sleep hasn't been too much of an option as usual so I've been catching up on a book I've borrowed from my mom. Almost 2/3 of the way finished hopefully I'll be able to finish it soon so I can start the next. The murloc for my husband has sprouted arms, and finally has eyes attached. Now to gather up the motivation to finish the legs, and mouth. Then to finish yet another murloc for Fox's birthday. With everything I've made everyone as of late I decided to take a break and work on a couple of projects with left over yarn. Crocheted a white scarf with two difeerent varigated yarns, which turned out very pleasing if only there was a little girl I knew that could have a use for it. Then Found this beautiful purple Lion Brand Homespun yarn that I've tried to make a baby blanket with. I've tried to make a scarf with but each just dosn't fit the lushous, rich color of the purple. So for the time being it sits on my desk next to the comp waiting for it's destiny to reveal itself. As I was going throught the boys clothes, putting away the winter, and bringing out the summer I came across a two baby hats my sister had made for the Boys when they had been newborns and finallay it hit me. The Purple would work wonderfully for a winter slouchy. So once the Mulocs have finished and before my mom has gahtered the next few projects she'd like for me to stitch up next I think a little prject for me is in order. I also managed by some miracle to reach it to level 81 on my druid on WoW! Whew looks like this little lady will be getting ready for end game pretty soon, Gear for Tank N Spanking!!!

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