Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When Your Not Looking

Once a week I do my best to visit with my mom. With the both of us being housewives, it's kind of lonely so we've gotten to become close friends within the last two or three years. The boys get to spend time with grandma and us ladies get to talk of our "issues". Of course pretaining to husbands, animals, news, and life in general. Growing up my mom and I use to bat heads together because of how simiular we are to each other. Of course multiple women in one space is just plain hell. It's amazing that it's so easy to go shop with my mom and yet shopping with the husband is unbearable. I'm a shop around kind of girl, penny clencher if you will. Why spend a lot of money when you can get the exact same thing for less, might take longer but the end result is the same. Sunday my mom called saying she'd found two dressers she wanted to pick up that monday, and if I'd help her to pick up one of them in my truck. Monday morning came boys ready, went to start the truck to meet my mom at the store down the road from our house and what do you know the bloody thing won't start. The battery being low and uncharged from the following week when one of the doors had been left ajar. The truck had finally decided enough was enough and a charge was in order. With my truck down my mom picked us up and away we went. what was suppose to have been a quick stop and grab turned out to be a full day affair. Our next stop was the goodwill close to my house where, nothing caught our eye. Then on to McDonalds so the kids could play. Had we realized it was spring break we may have rethought going. Especially when you have teenagers on the going up and down the slides running over all of the little ones. You'd figure when a girl has boobs it'd be a sign of your TOO big. Stopped at another goodwill and what do you know when your not looking for anything, that's when you find everything and then some. Hiddng underneath bags bags of draps, there was a small stash of yarn, which at a distance the price wasn't what i'd normally go for. But at a closer look and found the yarn inside was well worth the $7 for mohair and what lookied like a set of crochet needles and several crochet books, in the cart it went. Found 4 sets of curtains, the boy found a few movies, a kitchen set for $5, a few pig for myelf. The best find was a desk. It' s a small, delicate desk that has a removable bottem that fold up and the top has a small drawer to place my needles and scissors behind my comp so that the boys don't get into them. I had seen one for $300 twice the size, and was a roll top resemblance. This one was $35 and the exact size i needle something to play wow in the same room as hubby. It easier to turn around the yell from acroos the room. My mom found a few things so all in all a rough start but every one came out very happy. Sebastian helped to hang the curtains once we got home and my desk has a home.

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