Monday, April 23, 2012

Locks And Medusa

So I'm 12 days away from having my dreads for 7 months. I've continued with the beads and have noticed that my locks are becoming nicely knotted. Starting to see the first attack of zig-zag on the back side of my head as well as my left side. I tend to sleep on my right so those are pretty nice and bone stright locks...The locks closest to the nape of my neck are my fatties, they now stay on either side of my neck. Where I proudly twiddle my fingers, tug, and twist. I've waited, and waited for the day that I could tie my locks up simply using my locks. Well It finally happend...That burning urge to reachback while watching stargate. They could reach and had just enough to hold. By George they did...So proud of my babies...

Not sure as to exactly how it came to be, but I've decided to get a tattoo of Medusa. Yes I know why Medusa? thought about doing the rastafarian lion but have always been captivated by medusa and her story, for me not only does her hair resemble dreads, in a way. Yes that's a given. I've always enjoyed mythology and it's play even on present day society. Even with her curse she was a creature of pure beauty, with a menaceful stare. I'm not too much of a butterfly and flower kind of girl. So I wanted something creature, yet beuatiful!!! Somethinng envious and sad at the same time. It took some searching and I've found the perfect sketch, with a tweak here and there. Now just to find the time and to get tatted, hoping sometime around october.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bunnies and Baskets

The day before Easter we had boiled our two and a half dozen eggs and waited for dad to get home to start decorating. All day the boys asked "How about now mom", or Is dad coming home yet." IT took all of two minutes to dye the eggs, where there was an epmty cup, in went an egg. The boys enjoyed themshelves and felt special for getting to help. After everyone hd gone to sleep out popped the Bunny to share his goodies as he set to work on hidding the eggs and putting baskets together. Finished Crocheting a few marshmallow bunnies to add the the great bunnies goodies and off to bed went one tried bunny. Being the first up as usual I waited, and waited at 6 in the morning for the kiddos to pounce. Fox was the first to wake up and investigate the kitchen to get a drink. He walked into the kitchen got a drink and turned right back around to his bedroom. Like usual to wait for Sebastian the oldest to wake. Oh so slowly, he creeped back into to the kitchen, then back to his room, just to repeat a few more times. Finally "Mom, MOm, MOM the Bunny came!" After Sebastian woke up and he himself began to investigate. "Mom, the bunny took my eggs now I can't have my deviled eggs." It tookclose to a half hour with a lot of sneaking pointing to find all the eggs. Spent the morningwith my parents, sharing deviled eggs with my dad and discussing this, that, and the other. Spent time with dad watching HOP. Then to finish up our day the boys got to find eggs in the in-laws backyard and enjoyplaying with girls. Next year maybe it'll take three minutes to color the eggs :)

Medusa Six Month Locks

Decided to do something a little different with my dreads. I've been following a couple of forums on a few different sites and decided to try some of the advice. First my hair to begin with is thick and course, with an added 6 months of hair knotting to my locks a pony tail holder just won't do the trick. First I figured finding a scarf to wrap my dreads up since summer is inevitably coming. Looked at goodwiil and nothing really seemd to be exactly what this specific lady was looking for. Just out of pure chance the husband and I tried the mall. It's not that often that we go so, everytime we do there's always a new store or two. Gearhead just so happened to have Buff's headware, which works perfectly for my needs, since it has endless ways to wear the versatile headware. I've tried wearing hats and head bands to bed and they just bother me to no end. For the fun of it I tried out the buff and had no problems being able to sleep through the night. Since Iv'e added a ton of beads to my locks as you can imagine it's not the most comfortable way to sleep, but something about the buff gives just the right cushion and support to sleep through the night. It's best to sleep on your locks becuase it helps to tighten them up and knot the strands together. Well I can very much agree, Within the last two weeks I've seen an such an iprovement. A lot of my curls are no longer creating the infamous medusa look. The ends are starting to ball up and all in all the locks themshelves seem to be thickening and well matted.Just for the laugh of my kids I've been wearing my hair up like a pineapple and the beads make it a masterpiece. Looking back at the pictures I've taken since the beginning of my dreadlock journey My Lovelys have come a long way, have grown so much. As a special treat to myself I crocheted my Knotty tube hate. I'm hoping to to make more in the upcoming days. It was such a fast and fun project to crochet and a wonderful Idea to use varigated yarn, wool, or left over yarn.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Finding Myself Through My Locks

My husband and I were discussing how we'd changed since we first met. Sitting at my comp after updating a profile I have on a dreadlosk site I got to thinking then I decided to blog it. I come from a artistic family. Both my parents love anything and everything related to art, drawing, painting, crafts, woodworking, morbid, body painting, etc. So is it any wonder that I would also catch the artistic bug, no not really. I've played around with art and I'm pretty decent at it, Did the whole drama and Chior thing in high school. Finished Beauty School, loving everything I've ever done. I've cut and styled my own hair, Played with color, and overdramatized make-up. Did the whole goth, scene looks they've all been fun and apart of me. Expressing me without having to let the shy, bashful, petite, lil ole me have to say anything about who I was as a person. If I ever got bored there was always something new to try. Of course there are those annoying people that judge and belittle anyone that wants to be themselves who are incapable of thinking outside of the box. Thinking back I now realize I was just trying to find myself, the make-up and the hair colors not only were an outlet but a mask to pretend that I was outgoing. All the while trying to find that artistic nitch that I enjoyed of course being my knitting/crochet  Since high school I've wanted dreads. A book my bestie let me borrow had the lead character with dreads. Of course at the time there wasn't too much information out there for dreads so it got put on hold. Finally deciding to go for it I started my baby dreads. First time I tried I was constantly fussing with my locks and little procress was ever made. Having to take my dreads out because my husband had been laid off, and needing an income was the hardest thing. Immediatly after I posted a picture of having taken my locks out and a comment was posted on my Facebook, that I looked normal, even prettier. Of course this upset me to no end. THis last october I decided to have a second go at it. Instead of the constant palmrolling, and the struggle to speed up the timely process of dreads I've found I'm more at peace and fully enjoying my "bambinos" locks as I call them. As my husband and I were discussing the other day I finally feel as though I've begun to understand and feel comfortable being myslef. I feel sexy and outgoing with my locks. There's no more of that need to constantly dye my hair because of boredom. I don't need color and make-up to speak for me. I'm comfortable in my own, very natural skin. Instead of bold clothes, earthtone colors and natural fabrics are my fancy. It took a while and a lot of explaning to friends and family on the lifestlye, but they've been my backbone when I've doubted and several times almost brought a comb to my locks. Yes there are those glances of OMG Watch out for the hippie, or the ignorant people that believe dreads are for hobos. I smile back and hold my head high. I have dreads! Their sexy and completely me!

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