Monday, April 16, 2012

Bunnies and Baskets

The day before Easter we had boiled our two and a half dozen eggs and waited for dad to get home to start decorating. All day the boys asked "How about now mom", or Is dad coming home yet." IT took all of two minutes to dye the eggs, where there was an epmty cup, in went an egg. The boys enjoyed themshelves and felt special for getting to help. After everyone hd gone to sleep out popped the Bunny to share his goodies as he set to work on hidding the eggs and putting baskets together. Finished Crocheting a few marshmallow bunnies to add the the great bunnies goodies and off to bed went one tried bunny. Being the first up as usual I waited, and waited at 6 in the morning for the kiddos to pounce. Fox was the first to wake up and investigate the kitchen to get a drink. He walked into the kitchen got a drink and turned right back around to his bedroom. Like usual to wait for Sebastian the oldest to wake. Oh so slowly, he creeped back into to the kitchen, then back to his room, just to repeat a few more times. Finally "Mom, MOm, MOM the Bunny came!" After Sebastian woke up and he himself began to investigate. "Mom, the bunny took my eggs now I can't have my deviled eggs." It tookclose to a half hour with a lot of sneaking pointing to find all the eggs. Spent the morningwith my parents, sharing deviled eggs with my dad and discussing this, that, and the other. Spent time with dad watching HOP. Then to finish up our day the boys got to find eggs in the in-laws backyard and enjoyplaying with girls. Next year maybe it'll take three minutes to color the eggs :)

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