Monday, April 23, 2012

Locks And Medusa

So I'm 12 days away from having my dreads for 7 months. I've continued with the beads and have noticed that my locks are becoming nicely knotted. Starting to see the first attack of zig-zag on the back side of my head as well as my left side. I tend to sleep on my right so those are pretty nice and bone stright locks...The locks closest to the nape of my neck are my fatties, they now stay on either side of my neck. Where I proudly twiddle my fingers, tug, and twist. I've waited, and waited for the day that I could tie my locks up simply using my locks. Well It finally happend...That burning urge to reachback while watching stargate. They could reach and had just enough to hold. By George they did...So proud of my babies...

Not sure as to exactly how it came to be, but I've decided to get a tattoo of Medusa. Yes I know why Medusa? thought about doing the rastafarian lion but have always been captivated by medusa and her story, for me not only does her hair resemble dreads, in a way. Yes that's a given. I've always enjoyed mythology and it's play even on present day society. Even with her curse she was a creature of pure beauty, with a menaceful stare. I'm not too much of a butterfly and flower kind of girl. So I wanted something creature, yet beuatiful!!! Somethinng envious and sad at the same time. It took some searching and I've found the perfect sketch, with a tweak here and there. Now just to find the time and to get tatted, hoping sometime around october.

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