Monday, April 16, 2012

Medusa Six Month Locks

Decided to do something a little different with my dreads. I've been following a couple of forums on a few different sites and decided to try some of the advice. First my hair to begin with is thick and course, with an added 6 months of hair knotting to my locks a pony tail holder just won't do the trick. First I figured finding a scarf to wrap my dreads up since summer is inevitably coming. Looked at goodwiil and nothing really seemd to be exactly what this specific lady was looking for. Just out of pure chance the husband and I tried the mall. It's not that often that we go so, everytime we do there's always a new store or two. Gearhead just so happened to have Buff's headware, which works perfectly for my needs, since it has endless ways to wear the versatile headware. I've tried wearing hats and head bands to bed and they just bother me to no end. For the fun of it I tried out the buff and had no problems being able to sleep through the night. Since Iv'e added a ton of beads to my locks as you can imagine it's not the most comfortable way to sleep, but something about the buff gives just the right cushion and support to sleep through the night. It's best to sleep on your locks becuase it helps to tighten them up and knot the strands together. Well I can very much agree, Within the last two weeks I've seen an such an iprovement. A lot of my curls are no longer creating the infamous medusa look. The ends are starting to ball up and all in all the locks themshelves seem to be thickening and well matted.Just for the laugh of my kids I've been wearing my hair up like a pineapple and the beads make it a masterpiece. Looking back at the pictures I've taken since the beginning of my dreadlock journey My Lovelys have come a long way, have grown so much. As a special treat to myself I crocheted my Knotty tube hate. I'm hoping to to make more in the upcoming days. It was such a fast and fun project to crochet and a wonderful Idea to use varigated yarn, wool, or left over yarn.

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