Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Something Old to Something New Secret Project!!!

So it's been a long time since I've made anything for my husband out of my huge stash of yarn that happens to occupy our second living room. Yes not too long ago I made him a Murloc that became my husbands out of chance. I'd been wanting to stitch up the little critter for a while, bu let my doubts of not being able to shape it get me from trying.  After the subject came up again I finally put my foot down and told myelf seriously how hard could it be...And what do you know...easy peasy! When my grandparents came down a few weeks ago I crocheted some headwraps for a cousin who stole my Mom's heart. After finishing the headwraps I started to think about how my husbands birthday is the day before mine in October. How nice would it be if I were to take his blanket I'd made him over 3 years ago were to get a make over. for those of you who don't know my husband he's pretty rough on blankets and what not so easily within the first month patches of the blanket came apart. His A/C patches he'dcall them,just in case he got to warm he'd dangle his toes out of the hoely spots.  With the blanket safely tucked away in the linen closest figured he wouldn't notice it being taken out, ripped apart, and redone to suite his needs. A more manly stitch, tough, and warm, no holes!!! So last week I began ripping back the stitches, sad to tear my first large project back to it's original strands of yarn, into balls. This time I've desided to to a checkered knit stitch so the pattern can be seen on either side. Instead of two big pannels to stitch together desided blocks would be best. So that I can easily assemble once I've completed and shaped more to suite his size. Plus I thought I might add more to his blanket so once the cooler months finally arrive the kids and dad can share and watch the shows together. Then late at night we can snuggle with a glass of wine or warm coconut milk. These are the pictures of the blanket the first time I stitched it together and the end result. Goodbye old blanket hello new!

School Misplaced My Kiddo!!!

Friday was a long, long day...School lost my kiddo...shakes head...ripping a project apart, knitting was a must that night...my nerves were shot to hell! Thank Goodness My kiddo remembers what mom told him to do!!!Yeppers. He's been a car rider all week, then  his teacher decided to put him on the bus. So when I was there to pick up Sebastian after school the teacher in charge of the knidergarden car riders thought maybe he just didn't come to school, since he wasn't on the list. Of course I dropped him off that morning so WTF Where's he been for almost 8 hours? Went to talk to his teacher she put him on the bus, and if I hurried I could catch him before they left. Dragging Poor Fox and Declan to hurry to the buses. Then having to check each bus since his wasn't there, then checking back with the kindergarden teachers because his teacher had left. Even though one of the students she is responsible for disappeared WoW, What a teacher!!! With nobody at home, We hurried home no way I was going to have him walk 1/4 of a mile down the street to our house to a empty house. But he didn't get off the bus, Driver said he might have gotten on another bus. So I called around to find that he was sitting in the school office and I'd recieved no phone call almost half an hour after school had ended. Drove back to the school Where the other teachers were still looking for him and didn't leave until they knew he was found, and on his way home.Sebastian said he kept telling them that I picked him up, and with the bright orange tape with his name, stating that he was a car rider. Urgh luckily he didn't get on the bus cause God ony knows which one he would have gotten on, and where he could have ended up. He went to sit down and waitted for mom. Very proud of him. Yes very proud of him tried to pull him from her class, but all the classes are full, and the only other alternative is that he goes to another school. I was close to asking if those other schools misplaced their kids, if not lets do it. With it still being the first of the school year it'll be a while before kids are swttched around and what not. So as soon as I can change him I will. Can't believe this teacher. Doesn't evn stick around to find out he's okay or some sick perverts play toy. Told hubby I'm just going to start texting her everyday to inform her that he's a car rider. Bloody idiot! It's amazing at what kids listen to just glad he did and is okay. The School nor the teacher Never really appologized just stated that they have meetings to avoid this type of thing, that it was a miscommunication, the teachers new to the school. Best friends with the principle, never heard a bad thing blah, blah, blah about her. Playing the whole try to calm a raging storm. Come Monday I will be talking to the teacher, if nothing else maybe she won't want to deal with me and want to have him changed. Rather have any of the teachers that was worried about him, to be his teacher. Not one that pushers the kids out the door to leave regardless of her having important things to do. Would have thought a missing kid would have been number one concern. Dunno different time we live in that's for sure. Hate to think what else we have in store for us. Hopefully something good comes out of all of this, if nothing else maybe it opens their eyes a bit more to be just a tad bit more catious of the kids. For me to to be more involved. Because you just never know.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Secret Hideaway

Okay so it's not really a secret hideaway, but to our family it has become just that. My parents were told about a lake close to their home, about 20 or so minutes away.

It's quite and secluded and if you go during the week there's maybe a dozen people that go. Hate to think how packed it might be late afternoon or on the weekends.

 Were able to show up around 8 in the morning and leave about 3 in the afternnon. get a bit of sun and stay cool in the water. If I'd have known the plac sooner I'd have been there once a week or every two.

 With watching anther kid this summer our trips were few but well worth it. They have a few slides and a nice fenced in area for the wee little ones to go and swim and of course sand is a must. Sebastian wanted to have his birthday there this year, but sadly with the husbands work and hard time of arranging everyone to meet to be there. It just didn't happen, next yer I'll be able to plan a little better and sooner.

If not then at least start to arrange for the five of us to go hopefully more than we were able to go this year.

 Open air, cool water, sand squished between your toes oh the private vacation for mom ( with one eye open of course). The bigger the boys get the more relaxtaion to look forward to in the years to come.

Clan Vacation

 A week before school starts the kids and I got to enjoy our Clan Vacation, sadly without the husband. My grandparents traveled down from Ohio with plans of site seeing. This being my first trip in over 5 years of having Sebastian, and the kids first road trip. Friday our clan traveled in two cars to Mt. View. My grandparents in one car, and my parents and the four of us in aonther. The boys got to watch a few movies through out the trip on a portable dvd player which thank goodness I decided to bring along and out of the boxes they have sat in since recieving them for xmas last year. The ride up was a pretty quite one with sleepy kids and small conversations here and there.  Once we had arrived we went to unload in the cabin. Streatched our legs and uncramped our behinds. Fed the hungrey bellies then headed up to the town square to listen to the folk music. Sebstian enjoyed sitting down watching the locals play on their instruments and sang beautiful music. Mt. View has always been my favorite home away from home. Nice quite little town, with wonderfuly friendly people. With small stores with a vast variety of goodies for everyone. Candy stores for the kiddos, Antique/flea markets, Hippy, motorcycle wear gear with leathers. The next morning we headed out to Eureka Springs to check out the old town, Quigley Castle, Cresent Hotel and a few antigue/ fleamarkets along the way.

 Quigley castle wasn't really a castle but more of a house.
Elise Quigley created a unique house to fulfill her dream of bringing nature indoors. She used the concept of a Roman courtyard atrium to design her beautiful home. Using two foundations, she created a natural space within the outer and inner wall where plants could be grown.
The outside walls are decorated with a her rock collection from Elise’s childhood. The outside landscaping includes more than one hundred rock sculptures set in a garden with glass bottles her husband collected over the years into glass bottle trees, antique roses, and more than 400 varieties of perennials. For forty years, until her death in 1984, Quigley lived in her dream house, filling every possible space with her collections and creations. For example, an upstairs bedroom is covered with a collage she crafted out of butterflies moths  collected in her garden. The property contains a fish pond and numerous flowerpots made by Quigley. The property also encompasses a spring-fed reservoir, a greenhouse, rock gardens, a cistern, and an outdoor privy. It was amaing to see how her hobby of collecting rocks and her vision for a bigger picture created such unique beauty. Like that of my horendous yarn stash that has slowely became various headbands, blankets, murlocs, wine cozies.

 Our Next stop was the famous Cresent hotel.Located in remote resort town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas stands the gothic Crescent Hotel. Called by some the "Grand Old Lady of the Ozarks, the hotel has served as many things over the years and yet strangely, each incarnation was reported to be haunted and each one also contributed to the legion of phantoms believed to walk the corridors of the building.  The hotel was built on the crest of West Mountain between 1884 and 1886 and may have gained its first ghost when a workmen fell from the roof during the construction. His body landed in the second floor area where Room 218 is now located. I doubt that it’s a coincidence that this room is considered to be one of the most haunted in the hotel! on a previous trip my mom said the tour lady told of  young girl falling to her death off of the main stairs of the hotel. The rails were just shy of knee lentgh, with my petiteness being 5ft not much of a rail. After walking away from the stair case sebatian grabbed my hand. Mom there's a little girlup their in a white dress. She can't find her mommy. Quickly looking back there was nothing there. Our last visit of the day was the Thorncrown Chapel made of glass.

 Our last day sunday we again saw a few more antique, flea markets. The kids found a few trucks, and some candy from Yoder's Country Cupboard
Bulk Foods, Snacks, Amish Style Cheeses, Jams & Jellies, Coffee, Rada Cutlery, WonderMills,

Hand-crafted Wood Rocking Chairs & Gliders, Christian Books,

and much more…