Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back From The Dead

I'm back from the dead. Posting wise anyway. Where to start? Hum haven't really gotten a lot of crafting done lately been in a bit of downer with wanting to craft for the right people and for the right reasons. In all honesty a lot of the blame is with me. I've been pretty distracted with cleaning the kids, husband, and family the last few months. With hubby working all of the time the few hours he has off during the week I've tried to spend time with him. Try to do something special together. The kiddos and I have been spending time at the lake with my parents. A little bit of sun, water, and all in all a good time. My oldest Sebastian turned 5 on the 29th. He has finally reached that stage of boyhood where building is a must as well as gaming. He recieved legos and  linking logs for him to build. And bloody hell are the things expensive for what you get. I remember being his age, getting a bucket full of legos. Wth is with the 708 with only 100 pieces being nice sized where as the rest are vacumn cleaner friendly dots. Where did the legos go that could be used to build anything instead of a airplane, where if you lose a piece tough luck. Going to start looking around the flea markets for the mother load of legos. With my husband and myself being into gaming, Sebastian too has hit the addiciton of getting into the games. Since I haven't had too much time to sit and play WOW Sebastian has picked up where I left off. Wondering around the city, going to the banks, and slowly learning the game of kill or be killed. Yesterday was amuzing all in itself. He found another player he'd thought was my husbands character and followed the poor fellow around Stormwind for close to an hour. He wanted to make sure his Dad was okay. After losing him I brought out my goul so he felt like he had a friend following him. As I stated earlier I've had to put my crafts to the side for a while. After spending hour after hour crafting for the wrong people and the wrong reasons. What was suppose to be a joyful hobby I couldn't get enough of, suddenly turned into a constant reminder of my feeling and loathing to pick up the needles. The original intention of learning to knit and crochet was to make something from the heart for the ones I loved. The one projct I had wished to make for my boys was for them each to have a blanket to suite them. Though I've made blankets for two nephews. Then two throws for my sister one for graduation and one with rabbits as a reminder that even if times are hard she is loved. They were more of a learn as you go kind of thing, practice for once I finaly sat down to stitch for my kids. 5 years later I've yet to  make my kids their own blanket. So after realizing this and the fact that I was pooring my heart out to people that may be related but are not family. After putting my needles down and staightening out my feelings. I'm back to enjoying my handmade creations. I'm close to finished With Fox's Granny Square blanket of brown, orange, and white. Planning Sebastian's, and Declan's blankets, and as soon as it cools down ripping my husbands blanket and restarting anew. My lesson don't craft to make people love you, craft for the people you love!!!

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