Monday, August 6, 2012

Moving Furiture

Every now and then I get this sudden urge to move the furniture. Kind of comes out of nowwhere. Tends to take place when I've got other things on my neverending list of things needing to be done. Started out as the usual pick up before the hubby was to get home. Kids were tiding up. Sebastian and Fox, were hard at work with the bedroom and toy room. The pair quite the duo of superhero cleaners. Declan who will be two in September was picking up the few scattered toys that had traveled into the living room. As for myself I was doing the same old hundred and ten things at once, vacumn, clean, tidy, laundry, ect. Sat down for a minute and my fail whale began. A call to my sister. What started out as just a catch up since we'd lasted talked somehow turned into a descussion of furniture. Sitting, bird eyeing the kiddos and keeping them to their due courses. The wheels began to turn forming ideas of moving the furniture. Know I don't know about you but I tend to get bored with the same old, same old and tend to move things, color fantasy colors in my hair. Or presently add different beads, styles or wraps to my locks. Constantly something to do to keep me busy. Started out in the living room moved the book case and a few of the chairs around. Things  were coming together when of course I continued on to the exercise equipment, sitting off to the side corner of our living room. Didn't quite work out as I had hoped. So back they went. I then desided I'm on a roll keep it going. So stepped into my yarn room, took the pull out bed and placed it underneath the kids bunk beds. Figured I'd go ahead since Declan will more than likely be moving out of hiss crib and into a big boys bed come winter. One less thing cluttering up the boys presently shared bedroom, making more room for a desser possibly in the near future. Again all is going well into I reenter the yarn room. With my Grandparents coming down within the next few days I figured I'd leave the two chairs I had wanted to place in the yarn room where they were so bottoms would have seats. Eventualy I have plans of looking into getting a new couch and love seat that are more space worthy. Then as normal thought better of it, to wait until the boys are a little older so that nothing gets ruined by chance. Until I slowly build up my wall to wall shelves for my yarn to luxuriously, rest happily, I've made do with a few mix matched plastic pull out drawer containers. Even through my persistance I couldn't plan a better way to arrange the room. Luckily the boys have several kids chairs, bean bags, Sebastian's new bean bag, gaming chair, and arranged them so they could watch their shows. So they'd have a room to go and enjoy each other, have their own space to relax, as well as with the few children I watch throughout the week. There's just some battles you win, then others to leave for another day. Determination, (or Stubborness) to move something three times your size, and the wits to regroup and come back with reinforcements to knock out the challenge. Collect an array of trophy scars and bruises, but bloody hell the smallest of changes sure as shit looks amazing.

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