Saturday, August 4, 2012

Playing Catch Up!!!

Figured now would be the perfect time to play catch up with my dreading journey. At this point besides washing and brushing out my bangs nothing is done to my locks. Other than seperating them after each wash and every other day to keep them from joining their doing their own thing. As a stay at home mom unless we go out as a family or errands needing to be run rarely do I leave the house. Personally I'm a home body, I've got my books, needles, yarn, comp, and the kids so there's really no need to get out in the heat. But I've felt a little down about my locks as of late. Really excited that tomorrow they will be 10 months old but again feeling a little blue. There aren't too many others that are close by to see their locks and just have that motivation, conection with dreadies. No one to sit and exchange stories of each bump and loop and mammoth eating cannibal locks. So at times it gets hard  being out in public because the stares and remarks take  a bit of a toll. Recently while visiting with my mom, she shared with me the common thought of caucasians with dreads from our other family members half way across the states. Sure they have nothing to do with me, know nothing of me, but it hurt. It kept running through my head. Finally after sitting down reading others stories from the and how others deal with arseholery. I found one that just spoke to me. I do dreads not for other people, I do dreads for me. Every time I have any doubts, that phrase comes to mind. I do dreads not for others, I do dreads for me. Over and over again in my head. Beacuse it's true. I've learned to accept who I am. For the first time in a long time I'm happy being me without having to color my hair, or stick globbs of goo in my hair for it to look like everyone else. I can wake up in the morning and be ready to go without spending hours on my hair just for it to do what it naturally wants to. I'm slowly learning who I am, and what I'd like to acheive in my life. I'm proud to have my dreadlocks, I love this journey to self discovery. My locks are my super power!!!


  1. Very true hun!!! You can NOT please everyone!! Not even if we were "normal"!!! Just let those beatiful dreads grow and be HAPPY!!! I love ya girl, and if know one can accept you for being YOURSELF, then they don't need to be in your day to day life! Jess

  2. Thank You, it means a lot...knowing there are people out there that love and appreciate natural beauty, or as socitey has deemed it alternative beauty. That for every one negative there are 10 positives to take it's place. In the end it makes us stronger and hold our dear ones closer.