Monday, August 20, 2012

Secret Hideaway

Okay so it's not really a secret hideaway, but to our family it has become just that. My parents were told about a lake close to their home, about 20 or so minutes away.

It's quite and secluded and if you go during the week there's maybe a dozen people that go. Hate to think how packed it might be late afternoon or on the weekends.

 Were able to show up around 8 in the morning and leave about 3 in the afternnon. get a bit of sun and stay cool in the water. If I'd have known the plac sooner I'd have been there once a week or every two.

 With watching anther kid this summer our trips were few but well worth it. They have a few slides and a nice fenced in area for the wee little ones to go and swim and of course sand is a must. Sebastian wanted to have his birthday there this year, but sadly with the husbands work and hard time of arranging everyone to meet to be there. It just didn't happen, next yer I'll be able to plan a little better and sooner.

If not then at least start to arrange for the five of us to go hopefully more than we were able to go this year.

 Open air, cool water, sand squished between your toes oh the private vacation for mom ( with one eye open of course). The bigger the boys get the more relaxtaion to look forward to in the years to come.

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