Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Something Old to Something New Secret Project!!!

So it's been a long time since I've made anything for my husband out of my huge stash of yarn that happens to occupy our second living room. Yes not too long ago I made him a Murloc that became my husbands out of chance. I'd been wanting to stitch up the little critter for a while, bu let my doubts of not being able to shape it get me from trying.  After the subject came up again I finally put my foot down and told myelf seriously how hard could it be...And what do you know...easy peasy! When my grandparents came down a few weeks ago I crocheted some headwraps for a cousin who stole my Mom's heart. After finishing the headwraps I started to think about how my husbands birthday is the day before mine in October. How nice would it be if I were to take his blanket I'd made him over 3 years ago were to get a make over. for those of you who don't know my husband he's pretty rough on blankets and what not so easily within the first month patches of the blanket came apart. His A/C patches he'dcall them,just in case he got to warm he'd dangle his toes out of the hoely spots.  With the blanket safely tucked away in the linen closest figured he wouldn't notice it being taken out, ripped apart, and redone to suite his needs. A more manly stitch, tough, and warm, no holes!!! So last week I began ripping back the stitches, sad to tear my first large project back to it's original strands of yarn, into balls. This time I've desided to to a checkered knit stitch so the pattern can be seen on either side. Instead of two big pannels to stitch together desided blocks would be best. So that I can easily assemble once I've completed and shaped more to suite his size. Plus I thought I might add more to his blanket so once the cooler months finally arrive the kids and dad can share and watch the shows together. Then late at night we can snuggle with a glass of wine or warm coconut milk. These are the pictures of the blanket the first time I stitched it together and the end result. Goodbye old blanket hello new!

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