Monday, October 29, 2012

Declan's Snake

Declan is my oddball, last man out. Having made Sebastian a Murloc for his 5th nirthday, and currently finishing Fox's granny square blanket for his 3rd birthday. I hd to go on the hunt yet again for something a sliitle odd and perfectly suited for my youngest. Whom already has a motherload of clothes and toys. Luckily I found on anothers blog, can't remember where sad to say. Once I remember I will give full credit for her brilliance. I found a pattern for a varigeted snake. Declan likes to cuddle with blankies and small animals close to his neck and chin so when I stumbled upon this particular pattern the light bulb went off and my fingers got busy. The snae was crochet and a joy to make. Mindless fun catching up on shows, pickup, put down so no worries of loosingwhere I or anything. After having completed Declan's both Fox, and Sebastian instantly wanted one too. Both have picked their varigated yarn, now to plant my skiny tail down and get to stitching. Might evenmake a few more to use as stocking stuffers, for a few nephews this holiday season.

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