Monday, October 29, 2012

Husband's Blanket

A few months ago I posted that I had taken the previously failwhaled attempt at making a knitted blanket apart and returned it to its original state (balls). After endlessly searching on the internet for a patten that would have a very male, simple stitch that would be visible with the lionsbrand homespun black yarn which was t no avail.I search throu my stash of book, magazine and odd and ends to find a very beautifuly, simplistic throw pattern by Erika Knight in her Simple Simple Crochet. The knot stitch was perfect for the strength, elasticity, stable, but flexible pattern for the roughess it would endure by my husband. Who like to cocoon himslef into blankets throughout the day and while he tosses and turns at night. After having started the first part of the blanket, my secret project was no more. He found it after having heard Sebastian say that I'd been working on it for his birthday. After that it was hidden no more enablig me to accomplish more. Sadly I didn't finished on his birthday, but a coule after having bordered it with a mohair yarn of blue and white. Half way throu completely the blanket my husband suddenly added he would like a celtic knot added to the blanket with an orange homespun yarn with a small tint of purple. Of course he would finally decide to addd input at the half way point. Now having the body of the blanket done. My next project to come will be to design and crochet his desired tree to add on a latter date. So far I mut say, his blanket is my be blanket work so far!!! Very proud of my growing talents!!!

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