Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Razorback Red!

This Friday the 2nd Sebastian's school will be having a fall festival. Earlier last week his school sent home a notice for the Kindergarten classes to be doing a themed basket. The baskets will be part of a silent auction, his classes theme being...You guessed it Razorback Red! Now I'm not much of a football, let alone Razorback fan with my dad, being a stray Cheese Head. The options for the basket where to donate items, money, gift cards, pom-poms, koozies, cups, beads, t-shirts, hats. It gave me an idea to whip up a few hog hats. A few months ago I saw on my facebook feed, that a fellow booker was crafting Razorback hats to sell to local hog fans. Now Ironically even though I'm not a Football fan I Love Pigs. Pink precious pigs, yet again another irony I'm not into pink, but pigs all the same. I've been waiting for a chance to sit down and whip up my own creation of the adorably fun hog hat. With Sebastian's fall festival right around the corner, and a basket begging for donations. I figured this was the perfect time to get crafting. Along with donating the hat and a few other small crocheted trinkets, coasters, and if there is enough time a possible second hat and or scarf for  6-12 year old to wear. I'm slowly working my way a step further to achieving my goal of Donating to the Children's Hospital and to Pay It Forward. Here's to hoping to design will turn ou,t and slowly working to my goal all while having fun supporting my sons school. I will post pictures of the hat and following items later today once I've finished. Getting in the fall spirit!

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