Monday, October 29, 2012


Since Sebastian has started school I've been one crazy lady, running around with my head cut off getting a million and one things done all at once. Spending time with my younger boys has been a wonderful delight. Fox has his morning routine of watching monsters in the ground (Tremors). Declan does his own thing of playing with random toys. All while I Do morning chores around the house...clean, clean, clean...Watching a few little ones here and there throughout the day to bring in a little money, and giving the kiddos some playmates. Lunch, Naps, then collecting the oldest from school. Phew it's a wonder that I haven't gone mad yet. But in all honestly I love it. It keeps me busy and besides knitting/crocheting till my hearts content I've found something I enjoy doing. Children bring a special happiness, and light to any crappy day or situation. All before even thinking about getting dinner cooked. I've had to squeeze in time to stitch. Which has mostly been crochet as of late, must have caught the bug. Several birthdays have came and gone, a few small projects have been completed and the days just keep speeding by. I will talk more of my crochet projects in a post soon to follow this one. My husband and myself celebrate birthdays two days together one right after the other. So another year marked in the sand and another bag of old age creeps up on us. All is good, chaotic, but fulled with a happy heart!

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