Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stitching Love

It's been a while since I have made anything with the thought of it being for myself. A little after having moved into our now house my husband made a surprise trip to hobby lobby. Having picked up a leather making kit for himself to have something in hopes of having a new found hobby. He also picked up several skeins of natural fiber yarns. Two skeins of bammboospun nightfall filled with creamy blues, purples, and white, and three skeins of Yarn Bee Andes Alpaca Arabesque with lovely tints of blues and greens. For a while now it's been sitting to the side waiting for something for myself. Never having worked with a natural fiber. To know the drap or know how well the yarn will take usual wear and tear. I've been a little nervous to mix and match colors and fibers. Having completed my husbands hats just a few days agoI figured it's long over due to take time for myself. I have made a few dreadlock tams from from a few patterns I have come across but, none the less to no sucess. Either they have turned out to be too large for my small head or just not a comfortable fit for my now medium length locks, with hopes of being able to hold them for at least another year before they start to thicken and more length is added. I've finally came up with my own pattern and am I love with its simple and fast stitch up. As well as the over all comfort of the hat and the added light weight to my small head and growing locks. I did a small bit of playing around with the colors with stripping the tam and plan toplay a bit more on color and designs. Now to finish up a few more for myself  then to add to my page for fellow hat lovers to buy.

A Hat Times Three For Hubby

Last week I decided to go looking through my stash. Just to get an idea of the colors and type I had stored away. I came acros some of the wool my husband picked out for a dreadlock tamlast year before christmas. Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in grey and two sets of varigated semi wool skeins one with black, brown, and green, while the other is brown, orange, and peachy white. Since my husband no longer has dreads I decided to go ahead and bring out the colors and get to work on some beanies. He has a collection on beanies from favorite bands, skulls, and whatnot. So Perfect fit for the upcoming colder months. Afer finishing the first hat, a second followed, and low and behold a third. Not only have the became a hit with my husband, but so too are my kids wants ing their own beanies (their choice of color Of Course). A few more will be crafted to add to my list of gifts for Christmas.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Simple Joys of Success!

Surprise, surprise here's another post. Friday we went to Sebatian's Fall Festival after school. It was wonderful to see all the kids running around spending tickets to play the fun activities in each of the clasrooms. A few kidscame and said "hi", to us and even an surprise hug from one of Sebastin's friends. It's nice to see that he is making friends. The kids got to fish, make slimy goo, dig for diamonds in a bucket of ice, ring toss, hay rides, and take pictures. Collecting candy as we went. Friday morning I sent the Razorback Hat with my son to give to his teacher to add to their silent Auction Basket for that evening. Not even an hour into class I sarted receiving texts asking for orders for my hat. His teacher wanted three for her children. The coach wanted two for his wife and nephew. All of a sudden each teacher was making their lists of requests. It was wonderful to see that something so simple was becoming the highlight of the day. While at the School here and there, kids and parents alike were chattering about the Razorback Hat. Each wondering where it had came from. Before leaving that evening the last we had heard the Silent Auction basket for the Kindergaten was going for close to $300. Wow!!! If I had thought the hat would have been such a success I would have left a card for others to go to my site and add their orders. But silly me didn't. Simple Joys Of Success! I am eagerly hoping to see My hat walking around on, one of my seldom few visits out of the house!