Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Hat Times Three For Hubby

Last week I decided to go looking through my stash. Just to get an idea of the colors and type I had stored away. I came acros some of the wool my husband picked out for a dreadlock tamlast year before christmas. Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in grey and two sets of varigated semi wool skeins one with black, brown, and green, while the other is brown, orange, and peachy white. Since my husband no longer has dreads I decided to go ahead and bring out the colors and get to work on some beanies. He has a collection on beanies from favorite bands, skulls, and whatnot. So Perfect fit for the upcoming colder months. Afer finishing the first hat, a second followed, and low and behold a third. Not only have the became a hit with my husband, but so too are my kids wants ing their own beanies (their choice of color Of Course). A few more will be crafted to add to my list of gifts for Christmas.

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