Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stitching Love

It's been a while since I have made anything with the thought of it being for myself. A little after having moved into our now house my husband made a surprise trip to hobby lobby. Having picked up a leather making kit for himself to have something in hopes of having a new found hobby. He also picked up several skeins of natural fiber yarns. Two skeins of bammboospun nightfall filled with creamy blues, purples, and white, and three skeins of Yarn Bee Andes Alpaca Arabesque with lovely tints of blues and greens. For a while now it's been sitting to the side waiting for something for myself. Never having worked with a natural fiber. To know the drap or know how well the yarn will take usual wear and tear. I've been a little nervous to mix and match colors and fibers. Having completed my husbands hats just a few days agoI figured it's long over due to take time for myself. I have made a few dreadlock tams from from a few patterns I have come across but, none the less to no sucess. Either they have turned out to be too large for my small head or just not a comfortable fit for my now medium length locks, with hopes of being able to hold them for at least another year before they start to thicken and more length is added. I've finally came up with my own pattern and am I love with its simple and fast stitch up. As well as the over all comfort of the hat and the added light weight to my small head and growing locks. I did a small bit of playing around with the colors with stripping the tam and plan toplay a bit more on color and designs. Now to finish up a few more for myself  then to add to my page for fellow hat lovers to buy.

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