Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh No Another Hobby

During the Thanksgiving Holiday my grandmother came down for a visit. She lives up north, venturing south once a year during the holiday season for the cooler weather. Getting to see my little guys grow and getting to spend a bit of time with them. Every holiday she send them handmade cards in the mail. Easter cards, Valentines, Halloween and so forth. Each card we display on our dinnind room table for about a month and then place them in the box in their closet. Something I hope to continue as a remeberance of all the care and love that she has and will continue to give thoughtout the years. Each year when my grandmother comes to visit and they hear and see her they love to talk of all the cards and new things they are interested in then later see them on upcoming cards. The spark in the their eyes as they see something so preciously done for them. Sadly this isn't the new hobby I am interested in, maybe one day. The Saterday after Thanksgiving my mother, Grandmother and I ventured out to do a little light shopping. Me a few things for Christmas for the kiddos, without them seeing and then reminding me of what had been gotten. My mom just a little time out and about, plus looking for the last few things to add to stockings. My grandmother in search for something either individualy or one big presnt for the kids for her visit. Luckily we stopped at a few of the flea markets that are close to my home that is rarely visited by myself. Mostly due to having the kids or now with my full time babysitting I've grown quite found of. Plus my husband loves to tease me of my little finds and treasures. generally I find some pretty amazing deals on yarn do a little bit of splurging, within reason of course. My faovorite flea market this tme around in the booths had what use to be old fixer uper furniture that someone took the time to give a little TLC and redone adding a splash of color. Now I myself love color and had trails of drool from booth to following booth. Now my mother growing up would find cheap fixer ups and fix them up sanding them down and painting them up making them new again. So naturally I have first hand experience of breaking down and redoing. Something so easy and such a feel good project, knowing you've done it. So this has become my new hobby collecting old furniture with hopes of fixing them up. As of this week I have acquired an end table, coffee table, bedframe, a few corner shelves. As to when I'll start my new projects to go along with my many other projects I can't say. But I see potential in each piece. The bigger picture.

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