Sunday, November 17, 2013

Keeping the fingers moving!

Slowly coming to terms with the loss of Ben, I've been a very busy Lady weaving in ends and getting the last of the details finished with my Sister In Laws baby shower fastly approaching . Here are a few more of the items I have finished up to date. 

Big Ben

It's been almost three weeks since one of my precious fur babies past away. I've been devastated and finally at the point where I feel comfortable to bring the subject up. I was given this precious little boy in February this year from one of the families I babysit for who couldn't care for their two ferrets. His petco papers my Husband and I guessed him to be about two years old. Originally called Jack Sparrow, was renamed Big Ben. Short stout body of tan, with a white head and paws. So full of spunk and life. My little digger and chewer of carpets was always a blast to watch play with the other 7 and was the funniest with his little sounds of pig grunts for dooking. His passing was quite a shock and a personal heartbreak for me. After having done lots of research and learning everything there could possibly be learned on the caring of ferrets. I feel as though I failed the sweet fur baby. The ferret food the pet stores and other places have available for the ferrets can cause them to develop Insulinoma. Ferrets are designed to eat raw meat, with the wheat, sugar, and other grains it causes ferrets to practically become Diabetic. After a very successful transition from dry ferret kibble, to high protein cat kibble, then the last stage of raw meat. Ben suddenly after months of a healthy, life full of dooking, suddenly stopped eating and refused to take part of playing of any kind. Separating himself from the rest and simply wanting nothing else but to sit cuddled on my lap while I knit and crochet slowly went down hill. For the longest my oldest male Monster has been the one to most concern me. Rescuing him from a previous owner that kept him caged at all times with his Death patner Tree, (the owner had no idea as to her deafness) had owned them for a year thinking them to be no more important than that of a Guinea pig. Monster had no mobility in his legs and no desire to move around. It has been  a constant struggle with the stubborn old man to get him to eat, move, play. The constant held breath as I watch around the clock to make sure there was breath still in his Body. For the longest I've prepared myself as best as any ferrant can of the passing of Monster whom has Insomnia needing to be fed every four hours, constant care and high protein diet. It came as such a shock that Ben thriving with life suddenly with little sign, so little notice was the one I found with his last moments at 4 on a Sunday morning. Knowing there was nothing that could have been done to help him, and having to let nature take it's course. The death of any animal is devastating, whether it's a loved dog, cat, chicken, or goldfish. But this unexpected Death truly hit me hard. Though I've always had a family pet growing up, the ferrets have truly become as much my children as my three minion boys. Originally gotten for a Christmas present for the boys last year. The two ferrets, that soon became 8 within three months are my babies to care for, provide for, and to love and train. With little knowledge of the special care and supervision needled when with children and ferrets together. The hours of training the ferrets slowly over time became Moms. THe hours of bonding and admiration at the simplicist entertainment of watching  ferrets play and learn and thieve items. They became mine. Monster is thriving with life, for the first time in the year we have had him as well as the other 7 we have saved from unknowing owners to the care for ferrets. The loss of Ben after saving and bettering their little fuzzybutts feels like such a failure on my part.

It will be quite some time before this sadness leaves my heart, but everyday it becomes a little easier to breathe. I Love you my sweet Ben, may you go over the rainbow bridge and dook in happiness and peace!

Crafting baby fever

So it's Sunday morning and my clan of minions are in their toy room cleaning. With them being 3, 4, and 6 it may take a while so figured it would be a good time to get on the dear husband's computer and catch up on things as of late. Still as busy as ever knitting and crocheting baby items for my Nephew due January of next year. Everytime I think I have finished his precious collection something else finds inspiration to be cast on. Started a baby blue bib that even though it's very simple design of a moss stitch has become very time consuming knit on size 3 needles. In Between finishing the blue baby bib I've crocheted a few tiny booties and made a super soft snuggle blanky that was ripped at least 5 times before finally revealing it's true identity. Sadly this week I've had to place myself on a yarn diet. My desk has become over ridden with odds and ends, scrap yarn from precious projects. Yarn that I was simply to weak to resist the pull of "pick me up and pet me my precious." So slowing going through and knit picking to make hats, and booties from the sad stash that has spread outwards from my desk. In an attempt to start my Christmas items early I crocheted two minecraft creeper hatts. On for Sebastian since he loves the game of Minecraft and the other for Fox. To my surprise Fox loves the creeper hat and Sebastian of course wanted a zombie hat instead. Little turd ball! My husband whining and complaining for the last few months as to the unstarted tree that is suppose to reside on his blanket I made him earlier this year has decided to remind me of the said missing tree. As well as the lack of an army of Murlocs. Having been a while since casting on anything for my husband figured with the holidays fast approaching now would be a great time to get started on the murloc army. Just to again be distracted by knitting and crocheting yet more precious things for my nephew. With any luck and the baby shower just a week away maybe my baby fever will subside so to start on Christmas presents for my family and friends. Hoping to find out the sex of our newest member within the next few weeks allowing a break from baby items and a swarm of murlocs to take place. THen again this ADHD crafter might not make it that far.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Minions, Minions, and More Minions!

Just before Sebastian's birthday the Tribe took an adventure to see Despicable Me 2 with my dear husbands family. The boys were wonderfully behaved and sat quietly to watch the movie. Laughing at the silly minions being kidnapped and the silly misfit crew going being the funny critters that they are. For days the kids ran around the house singing BEE-BOOOP at each other and shooting everything/everyone with their imaginary fart blasters. So it was no surprise when my oldest asked that I make him a minion hat for his Birthday. Knowing me yes sadly it was finally finished two days after his actual birthday, but all the same he loved it. The boys love being involved in projects I make for them. Picking colors, and with these lovable minions they could each choose something unique to make the hats more their own. Now my precious oldest loves having things made for him, so naturally the younger boys like to go and play with his things while he is at school, so the poor kiddo has to find new places every few days to hide his minion hat and ect. With Declan being the next in the line of birthdays, for the kids, he too made his choice of how many eyes, hair or no hair, wicked or silly grin for his hat. Now two boys down and with Sebastian and Declan both having their own minion Fox decided to be my wild child and go for a one eyed minion. Now with a new little one on the way I have plans of making an Evil Minion Hat to use for an upcoming family picture to send out for Christmas this year announcing our new bundle of joy! These hats are so fun to make and always unique, Looking forward to casting this fun project on my needles for my nephew and many years to come!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Guess who's expecting?

So here we go again, a long absence called life to interrupt posting on my blog. My lovely computer died and I've had to return to my notebook to continue the majority of my social connections, via facebook, and ravelry. Which of course has made uploading pictures and staying up to date on the latest news a tedious chore with my notebook constantly deciding to restart at random and the keys are a sticky. Sebastian's 6th Birthday came and went, so too the start of school. One more year and then too Fox will be the next to start the joyous adventure of riding the school bus and dreaded homework. Found out in July my dear husbands sister is expecting her first baby, a precious little boy to arrive towards the end of January. So naturally I am thrilled. So far I have made my nephew a football cocoon and hat set, a baby blanket Razorbacks colors for the Hog loving family to enjoy together. A Razorback Hat and a pair of baby booties. The day before my Mother's Birthday My husband and I too confirmed we are expecting our fourth precious bundle in March. This being our last pregnancy I wanted to enjoy being pregnant, no negativity, no regrets, no stressing over everyone else's thoughts. With my mother's birthday the following day and my father's being in March we shared the news and for the first time received a happy welcomed Congratulations!!! First time Ever was a total shock! I am in High hopes for a sweet little girl this time around and the knitter in me has been suddenly consumed with making pink baby blanket after pink baby blanket again in high hopes of a little girl to wrap in bows and pretty pastel yarns. No matter how much I try the boys will only allow me to get away with so much. Luckily just in case the fates have decided that another boy is in our future Two cousins of mine are also to have babies due in the new year around January and April. Fingers crossed this sudden obsession with pink is a sign!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Knitter Cleaning House

Naturally, as a Knitter/Crocheter half the fun is finding time to craft. So naturally many chores around the house tend to get left undone. Like the laundry and the dishes until silverware is of need to be used. Okay maybe not that much of a slacker on the household chores since the kids clean their own bedroom/toyroom. The Yarn room is off limits to all but mom, and the living room and kitchen stays pretty clean since they are in constant use plus dirty house and daycare kiddos. But their has been Lundry collecting in one of the living rooms chairs. With my husband being back at work the majority of the week I've finally decided the house was a mess and needed a strict cleaning. Luckily too this week my daycare kiddos have been of doing things with family and left me time to do a time consuming clean. first I went room to room getting rid of any furnitue that has been setting and collecting dust and has no purpose. The huge table in my yarn room that had become more of an annoyance for example. Or the extra coffee table taking up residence in the living had to go. Several shelves that too have been sitting in the bedroom had to go. Finally after collecting after 6 plus years went throu my wardrobe and got rid of anything I haven't worn in the last year. Everything that was too big, or that had been given that I simply felt guilty throwing out because of the giver. Two full garabage bags later, not only did the closet and the dresser thank me But so too did the hoarder that is me. the hoarder of yarn to improve my stash, finally decided to stick to my growing stash instead of the retf the non used item. The kiddos also helps me with their toy room. Anything baby wise that we had more than one of got added to a pile to give to Their Aunt expecting in January. Anything broken got dumped and what didn't get played with anymore went to a organization for the Oklahoma families.'s been a long week of cleaning the clutter so the houe can breathe again and the kids got to be a part of helping others. The kids and I even got to finish the week by playing outside, getting some sun, while I sit back and read The Yarn Harlets books, for the 20th or so time. I've gotten to finish one hat of the needles these week, a Razorback hat for the new little one starting the pile of soon to come baby things for my Niece or Nephew. Now what to make next, until we find out boy/girl...Better to start now!!!

The begining to being Grandma

So it's the begining to being a grandma, (okay not really). Last week while visiting with the in-laws. The kiddos aqcuired new toys that they have had an endless amount of time playing with. Etch a sketches, they have been writting and drawing with that I'm sure my day care kiddos will love when writting our letters and names. Sun glasses for cool dudes I've been told. Backpacks, and an tape player with of course a microphone that my oldest Sebastian has been gaurding non stop. Along with all these priced treasures came three soccer chairs, and  two baby bears that come with a bottle to feed and they themselves hold. These have become the biggest hit with the kids. Making sure they are fed, changed, wrapped in their precious crocheted blankets I've made for Fox, and Declan. When the boys are taking naps they stay with grandma (me) to babysit and care for the said bears. I've had many a chuckles with how involved and creative they've become. Making beds, and tents, and little houses out of their legos, and blocks.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Day Full of Wonders!!!

Yesterday started like that of any day. 6:00 Alarm went off...dismiss...6:30 Alarm goes off...dismiss...two more different alarms go off....6:40 urgh time to get my butt out of bed. Get the kiddos breakfast, make Sebastian's lunch for school. 7:10 Walk Sebastian to the sechhol bus, 7:20 then walk back to the house. Vacumn and tidy house up for the daycare kiddos. 8:00 house is clean chickens fed and water, ferrets, food and water. Wait for the kiddos to show up as I check my messages, update my Neurotic Gypsy Designs FB page. And, Oh wait, what is this. I received a won a give-away...Wait what!!!....Lol I had completely forgotten that I had entered into give-away a few weeks back. Sadly I'm not too great at color work (that's what my husband is for) plus to help with my lack of crochet books and patterns to further my skills in the the general crochet it finally hit me, duh! Oh yeah big dumby. I was thrilled the day was starting out great. My one daycare kiddo arrived worked on building lego forts and castles. Did a bit of writting letter A, and B. Lunch, story time, nap.....phew break for the crazy non stop lady. Got to work on a few rows of my tam that is still in the process of being completed. I'm loving the varigated grey/black brim effect, then turning into the solid darker grey. Already high hopes of doing a second grey/black brim, with a black (maybe a bit bigger for my thickening locks as well as length). Picked Sebatian up from the bs stop at 2:40. Sebastian recieved his certificate for progressing to First Grade. Phew!!!! What a relief!!! If you've followed my past posts, we've had trouble with a previous, teacher, bulling from other kids, and finally succeded into changing teachers. Where he has thrived and in an wonderful environment. I was terrified all the work of sight words, count to one hundred, for some reason something would go wrong yet again. But no on to first grade. I couldn't be prouder. His certificate is a reward for the both of us into the long hours of studing, and reading books to boost his words and skills, the endless counting to and from the bus stop, while cooking dinner, and for the not so fun of it. The sight words listed on each enteryway to a room, before and after entering into each room. Relief!!!! What a wonderful weight of my shoulders and his as well. A break for at least a week or two before furthering his skills, plus I love him reading Little Bear, and my Fairy tale books to me. Dinner went smoothly. While waiting for my daycare kiddo to leave and preparing dinner for the oven I sat and glanced at my computer scenn and couldn't believe what again and again I saw. My husbands sister posted she, and her wonderful boyfriend of 5 years were having a baby due in January. My first thought was it's a hoax, wait, now she wouldn't joke about something so wounderful. I was filled with such excitement and wonder!!! Such Blissfull joy!!! I'm a young 24 soon to be 25 year old mom to three boys, and yet to be an Aunt! To spoil a little niece or nephew has been a wish for the last year or two. To make cute little baby booties, and blankeys, razorback hats, and toys. Just at Fox's Birhtday I begged for a niece or Nephew from my sister-in-law. I'm so filled with joy at hearing a new baby will be with us in January. In the excitement Sebastian was reading the post from his Aunt while asking the words he didn't know. After finishing the post he turned and said A's having a baby today...."No, bud it''s be a while but no you'll have a small baby cousin in a few months." He too was filled with excitement. Now to start picking little neutral baby things to start making (most likely Razorback gear for now). I wish my dear sister-in-law and blissfull pregnancy and peaceful delivery!!! You're going to be an Amazing Mommy!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend with My Bambinos

With school close to an end and summer fastly approaching, decided it would be a perfect weekend to go out and spend time with my Mighty Bambinos. Saterday we stopped in at a few flea markets close to our home. The kiddos lucked out with finding a few VHS movies for their toy room, as well as a few trucks to play with. As the each will tell you a boy can never have enough cars and trucks to crash and race around the house with. I surprisingly came across a few ziploc bags of yarn which were pretty good deals, just not good enough for my budget I had set for myself. Sadly I passed them up, And gladly so! At the last flea market we just happened to investigate before heading to eat landed a wonderful success. As I entered the booth full of stuffed animals my youngest bumped into a bag and beautiful yarn roll across the floor. Quickly I picked up the garabage bag to find a variety of different yarns, and needles, plus $5 marked on the bag. Now these are the bargins I love! Stopped for Pizza for three hungry boys, then home for a quick nap for all of us. Two quick trips for ferret food and dog food were next on the list of errands for the day. While at walmart the kiddos got to pick out candy for being wonderful. While waiting for dinner to cook, we set up the sleeping bags and pillows in the toy room and cuddled while watching one of the kids new movies. Sunday we got to spend the day together cleaning the house while listening to music and taking long breaks to play a few games. I'm looking forward to Sebastian last four days to be finished with school and spending a too short summer together before having to go back. On a plus side, I started a new project. I decided to cast on a new tam to put my dreads in. A lightweight yarn with a varigated grey and black which becomes a solid grey. Surprisingly I  have found grey to be a wonderful color to go with any wardrobe, handbag, and of course shoe.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

THe last few years I have made gifts for my wonderful mother for Mother's Day. This year will be no different. I had been hunting down ideas for a while as to what to make the woman who has everything, and what she doesn't have she tends to get for herself. Plus she's a picky, picky, picky on what she likes. Luckily last week my mom had a resquest for a Sweater Wine Cozy. Originally glancing through a magazing my mom found wine cozies that resembled sweaters, with beautiful cables and ribbing, with a scarf, the other with buutons going down a cable with pockets on the side. This fun little project was my first design that I created and failed to write down. Luckily I take pictures of ech of my projects annd was able to study he picture to sit down and start again. This time sucessfully writting down the pattern as I went.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bag Galore

Jayne Cobb Frenzy

One of my all time favorite shows is Firefly. My husband was looking a a geek website looking at their merchandise and came across the Oh So Sexy Jayne Cobb hat while we were visiting his family. A soon as we got home that night I went through my stash and found the perfect colors to create my own version of the hat. Needless to say I went on a craze of making Jayne Cobb hats for the kiddos, my husband, and a few extra because they were fast to make and fun to do. After running low on colors I decided to branch out and try new color combinations. I have plans on expanding the pattern to make animal hats such as owls, dogs, and adding letters to personalize the hats.

Chicks to Chickens 5 weeks

Our chicks are now a little over 5 weeks old. In our city we aren't allowed to have roosters so veryday has been a fun filled observation as to what gender our chickens are. It's amazing that in just over a month our chicks have become almost fully feathered. Our CinnamonQueen is the hardest to tell if she is a boy or girl because she has both traits of rooster and hen. Every morning while getting my oldest ready for school in the morning my morning is full of chirps from hungrey chickens waiting to be for food. They eagerly wait in the corner of our make shift cage/brooder for the food and their water bowl to be cleaned from their bedding. Last week we took the chickens outside to introduce to the dogs and to get them use to both being outside and so the dogs with get use to their company and gradually settle down from wanting to eat our chickens. Our next adventure will be to plan and build a chicken coop.

A Morning Adventure

My Husband and I had had hopes of raising chickens, so started all the rsearch required. Got a few dummy books, coop building books and ganged up on the reading. We came a cros an add in the paper for our local Tractor Supply Store advertising chickens and all their supplies for a really low cost and figure now was the best time to invet on raising our own flock of egg layers. The morning before Easter we took a little adventure with the boys to the Beebe Flea Market. Sadly with it being a rainy day there was too much of a turn out with only one family that had brought chicks, lots of pigs, and goats. The kiddos got to experience the freh smells of the animals and had a blast looking at the animals. Luckily for us in Vilonia, a short drive away the Arkansas Backyard Poultry were having a swap meet. We found a small group of friendly families that had a small turn out of fellow member to come with their chickens. We let the boys pick out 2 Australorps, 2 Bared Rocks, and one Cinnamon Queen. Stopped by the Tractor Supply store to pick up a few needed items and the fun begins watching one lovely chicks become Chickens.